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High stakes HU SnG cheaters exposed: GTO video unveils scam

Author: Vargoso Published: 09.11.19

Online poker cheats are one of the main issues of the industry in 2019. Although players and poker rooms actively fight against it, it's very complex to identify all ongoing scams. In this article, we share last-minute information divulged by scammers themselves.

High stakes HU SnG cheaters exposed: GTO video unveils scam

Who and why posted a GTO-scam video?

A new user identified as "godmode49" uploaded a video on YouTube and created a new topic on 2+2 with only two phrases: "How gto scammers work in husng" and "This is how people cheat in husng with 2 computers."

The video "scammersGTO" is still available on YouTube:

The video shows a two computer setup using GTO bots and the necessary equipment used to avoid detection by fair play teams. At the end of the video, several Telegram messages (dated in 2017) between the scammers are exposed, showing that a group of Bulgarian citizens are behind the scam, one of which is a developer, Sergei Radulov.

It's unclear why this information was posted; theories range from fights between scammers to trivial issues about money, but it's undeniable that this scandal will cause a great resonance in the poker community. The famous Vlogger Joey Ingram already announced one of its popular investigations.

Most likely, all gaming accounts showed in the video are closed now, but there is enough information to take real action against scammers. Some parts of the video can even be understood as marketing material.

From the video, we can extract the following points that are important for players:

  • The scammers work in HU turbo tournaments, where due to the game structure the options are limited;
  • The bot is used only in high stakes tournaments;
  • Several networks are attacked at once: Microgaming, iPoker, Winning Poker, 888 Poker. On the one hand, this suggests the versatility of the bot and the ability to hide if from fraud detection services; on the other hand, it's clear that one poker room is not enough for scammers.

With the evidence presented on this video, it's clear why the heads-up format is in danger of extinction, as many poker rooms currently don't offer HU tables to players.

The online poker community it's also waiting for the response of online poker rooms, which may include massive bans and compensations for the victims. What is also worrying is that the setup dates from 2017, so scammers had had much time to evolve its methods, so the challenge is even higher for the fraud detection teams in 2019.

Of course, as online poker can be called a modern wild west, it's impossible to guarantee 100% fair games. Still, thanks to the information shared in the video, the poker community can be one step ahead in the fight against scammers.

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