Mike Postle Resurfaces in $1,200 Event in Biloxi, Mississippi


The alleged cheater of Stones Gambling Hall ended up finishing 7th for $32,703, which was quickly claimed by Veronica Brill.

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Mike Postle Spotted in Live Tourney By Poker Twitter

Poker player Angela Jordison out of Redmond, Oregon snapped a picture of Mike Postle, hiding behind a pulled-up hood, glasses, and a scarf, playing a live tournament at Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. She shared the photo on her Twitter feed. Many poker fans quickly responded to the unusual sight, expressing their shock and disbelief. Postle was playing the $1,200 Million Dollar Heater Main Event.

After some digging, Jordison found out that the casino’s website reported on his chip count under the name “Michael Lawrence”. Most people reasonably assumed that it was Postle using a pseudonym to avoid unwanted attention. However, this wasn’t the case.

It was the casino who made the call to tag him under his first and middle name - his full name is Michael Lawrence Postle. As evidenced by a photo of his Day 2 chip bag, he entered the tournament under his real name. The venue was the one trying to deflect the likely oncoming backlash by not reporting on him by his actual name.

Mike Postle Still Hated By Online Poker Community

It is a known fact that Postle was banned from the Stones Gambling Hall casino in Sacramento, California following his cheating allegation scandal back in October 2019. However, he still wasn’t convicted of any wrongdoing thus a nationwide casino ban for him was never a possibility.

While he was not found guilty in court, the vast majority of the online poker community still seems to be sure that he cheated. Back in the fall of 2019, his unusual plays, oddly prolonged stares down to his crotch, and insane win rate in Stones’ livestreamed low stakes cash games made people suspect that he was receiving the other players’ hole card information from the broadcast booth. To his detractors, the fact that the California court threw out his case was a mere technicality. An ancient, 19th century law still on the books prohibits people from seeking compensation for gambling losses, even if alleged cheating is involved.

The Postle haters still had plenty to gloat over. The former California poker pro tried to go on a counterattack and launched a defamation suit, seeking $30 million from a whole slew of high-profile figures in the poker world who expressed their opinion that he was cheating. That defamation suit was eventually dropped after Postle didn’t have the means to pursue it. As a result, he was ordered by a judge to reimburse the defendants for their legal fees, which ultimately led to an involuntary bankruptcy case against Postle.

Also, the infamous “Crotchripper” of Stones Gambling Hall may not be able to keep all of his cash. The original whistleblower of his alleged cheating case, former Stones employee Veronika Brill, was one of the defendants in Postle’s failed defamation suit who was awarded legal fee compensation. According to Brill’s public comments on Twitter, Postle still owes her around $25,000.

Also through tweets, she started a conversation with a local Mississippi attorney about possibly garnishing Postle’s recent poker winnings. And it appears Brill's efforts have come to fruition already - the casino is reportedly freezing the winnings for this very matter.

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