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Negreanu vs. Polk: Doug broke the million-dollar mark

Author: Vargoso Published: 22.01.21

The heads-up challenge between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk reached the milestone of 30 game sessions. This anniversary gave all viewers of the match a big surprise. At the end of the day, Doug broke the million-dollar mark in profit and is now winning $1,002,596 after 17,878 hands.

Negreanu vs. Polk: Doug broke the million-dollar mark

Results after 30 sessions

After Daniel Negreanu complained about his opponent's luck, the match continued with an exciting session that included the biggest pot of the challenge and many jokes from Doug Polk on his social medial.

Session Winner Amount Hands
26 Daniel Negreanu $132,649 750
27 Doug Polk $119,610 600
28 Doug Polk $26,199 650
29 Doug Polk $73,000 608
30 Doug Polk $298,985 770
TOTAL Doug Polk $1,002,596 17,878
Doug Polk won four sessions in a row with a total profit of $517,794, and after 17,878 hands, he is winning $1,002,596 from Daniel.

Doug Polk on fire

Before starting the game on Thursday, the Canadian shared a message, predicting he would win $228k.

Daniel Negreanu tweets

This tweet was the last one devoted to his confrontation with Polk. However, Doug, who always paid more attention to the results on social networks, kept mocking Negreanu's comments about luck and tweeted 33 messages during the session.

One of these tweets highlighted the biggest pot in the match, in which he loss $384,216.

Polk wasn't the only one joking about Negreanu's last interview. Joey Ingram changed his name on Twitter to include the word "LUCKY" and shared "impossible hands" of the last session. He invited Rob Yong to the commentary.

Doug Polk and his "luck"

There are just over six thousand hands left to play, and now the winner's name is almost written in stone. It remains to see how much Daniel Negreanu will lose in the end or whether we will be able to make a spectacular comeback.

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