New Skrill and Neteller account levels


Skrill and Neteller continue to redesign their VIP program and statuses. On April 27, 2021, they added the True Skriller and Neteller True levels. What changes did they bring to the users of these payment processors?


True Skriller and Neteller True: features of the new levels

In late 2020, both payment processors updated their VIP system. Skrill limited only to eliminate Bronze status and added entry levels "Skriller" and "Skriller Verified," while Neteller revisited its program completely.

However, this was not enough for them, and both companies decided to unify their entry levels this spring, using similar names:

From April 27, 2021, new users will get "Skriller" or "Neteller Standard" levels right after registering and "True" for fulfilling simple actions.

The latter can be obtained by completing the following steps:

  1. Account verification
  2. Adding money to your wallet from your card or bank account
  3. Installation and login in the mobile application

The main benefits of the new statuses are the absence of commissions for internal transfers and the possibility of getting extra Knect Points. To encourage users to reach the "True" level, from June 26, 2021, for the "Standard" status, the commission for transactions to friends will be raised from 1.45% to 2.99% (in Skrill, this system is already working).

Knect launched in Neteller

Neteller Knect

Besides adding two similar entry levels to Skrill, Neteller finally launched the Knect loyalty program this month, which has undergone several changes:

  1. Knect bonuses are now available globally. Points are given for deposits/withdrawals (1 point for each $1) and online payments (that includes transactions to poker rooms) — 0.25 points for $1.
  2. Since internal transfers have become free for "True" levels, loyalty points are no longer awarded for them.
  3. Increased the expiry day from 12 to 24 months.
  4. Users can redeem points by purchasing "Wallet credit" from $5 to $50.

No Knect points are awarded for deposits and cashouts for PokerStars, 888Poker, William Hill, Unibet, Betfair, Bet365, Paddy Power, and some other merchants.

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