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Top 5 payment systems for online poker players

If you are an online-poker player – time always comes to choose the most reliable payment method. You need to be very patient to read the whole description, identify the pros and cons of all the gambling payment systems. Because all your money will be dependent on the payment processor, you choose. And it is too much to process for an online poker player. So, we can take ownership and shortly present you the best five payment system for online-poker. But first of all, you should carefully study the features of your region and find out which payment provider is in the highest demand. Experts say that every payment provider that the player use must be international.

Top 5 payment systems for online poker players

AstroPay Card

The Fifth place: AstroPay is a virtual prepaid card system that can be used for online payments. AstroPay company developed solution both for individuals and companies. For the company, the service is called AstroPay Direct, and it is used by businesses to make their payments faster and in a much more comfortable way.

With Astropay Card, you can pay for goods and services at hundreds of online stores integrated with AstroPay without disclosing your bank details. There is even an API for web stores! Moreover, you can make deposits using the card! At PokerStars, you also can earn some money with your first AstroPay deposit. Registration with AstroPay is free and fast, and your data is protected. 

There's no commission, tax or fee in AstroPay for recharge your account balance, so it is more convenient for a higher number of people. Summarizing pros and cons, you can make any operation in a couple of clicks. The payment system also provides the AstroPay Card service for those, who want to get the virtual debit card for regular use. Paying for purchases on the Internet and to transfer funds are clear advantages of the service. A lot of users use the popular instant transaction service in their daily routine.


4th place goes to the Paysafecard, a prepaid online method based on vouchers with a 16-digit PIN, regardless of bank account, credit card or other personal information. Paysafecard lets the user play card games for real money anonymously. This means that players can forget about the risk of identity theft, maintain their privacy, and, incredibly, avoid any fees! Also, with such a large customer base, Paysafecard is accepted by all major online poker sites.

Commissions of Paysafecard has a scale model
Commission per month/ Summary of deposit

15% 14% 13% 12% 11% 9,5%
0-1k 1-10k 11-50k 51-150k 151-350k >350k

Different pricing may apply for selected industries and Payment Service Providers (PSPs).


PayPal is an electronic wallet, and you can securely pay for goods and services online with. In 2019 PayPal operates in 202 countries (although not all provide a full range of services), has more than 200 million registered users, and works with 25 national currencies. PayPal is now accepted as a method of deposit and withdrawal by four online-poker sites operating legally in the U.S.

You can recharge your PayPal account with your VISA or MasterCard. 

PayPal commissions: 

Transfer with the currency conversion fee is different for every country. For example, in the U.S.:

  • Standard transfer to linked bank account –  Free

Instant transfer with an eligible linked a debit card or bank account – 1% of the amount transferred, with a max fee of $10.00

Instant transfer withdrawal limits for debit cards:

  • Up to $5.000 per transaction
  • Up to $5.000 per day
  • Up to $5.000 per week 
  • Up to 15.000 per month

Instant transfer withdrawal limits for a bank:

  • Up to 25.000 per transaction
  • Sending to other countries fee is also different for every single state.

PayPal is a highly trusted payment method because of the level of the security, brand loyalty and easy in usage system. It takes a few minutes to transfer and receive the money. 

However, the main disappointment about PayPal is that you can never be sure about the exact fee when depositing to the online poker room. 


Second place – NETELLER. This system is also one of the most reliable payment providers for online-poker. It is an e-money transfer service that can be used to transfer money to merchants and back. And there's a wide variety of uses - forex trading, social networks or gambling. In July 2000, NETELLER was processing payments for 85% of the world's gambling merchants. 95% of the firm's revenue at that time was derived from fund transfers to online gaming firms, with many U.S. residents.

Now almost every online-poker room accept NETELLER

To recharge a NETELLER account balance, you can use Visa. To withdraw you can use bank transfer, merchants sites, Net + card, online exchanges.

NETELLER has a system of VIP status from Bronze to Diamond. On each level, the commissions get lower, and limits get increased.

What is the VIP Silver status?

  • Free transfers within the system
  • The second currency account
  • Facilitated reception of VIP Gold
  • Free Net+ Prepaid MasterCard*
  • Fast account verification

NETELLER commissions: 

  •  Free to pay in stores, restaurants or online (Mastercard NET+ only)
  • 3.19% currency exchange fee
  • 1.75% withdrawal fee
  • The internal transfer is free
  • Withdraw to the bank card €10.5

Learn how to get VIP Silver in NETELLER.


Skrill is an international e-wallet to process secure online payments in your local currency without disclosing your credit card or bank account details. You can use Skrill both for deposits and withdrawals. While playing online poker, you can also save Skrill account details for subsequent quick deposits.

You can deposit funds into your Skrill account using the following methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit or debit card
  • Other methods available in your country

 It is crucial to mention Skrill commissions: 

  • Deposits/withdrawals at online-poker rooms, bookmakers and online casinos are free of charge.

Transfer of funds within Skrill without VIP status: for ordinary users and VIP Bronze - 1.45% (min € 0.50, max - not). 

  • Withdrawing money to a VISA bank card ordinary user without status and for Bronze status holders - 7.5%
  • The commission for currency exchange in transactions with an account or a Skrill card is from 1.99% to 3.99%.
  • Skrill Prepaid MasterCard cash withdrawals - 1.75% of withdrawals for regular users and € 1.8 for VIP Bronze.

VIP Silver status user commissions:

  • Skrill Prepaid MasterCard cash withdrawals are free for VIP Silver and higher status.
  • Withdrawal money to a VISA bank card for VIP Silver Skrill and above is free of charge

How to get VIP status easy & fast.

Summarizing, it's worth mentioning - Skrill' most robust features are low commissions, lots of currencies, fast transactions and free cross-border transfers.

So which payment system should I pick for online-poker?

While choosing the best online deposit method, we focus on some main features, which every single operator needs to be estimated by.


All the payment system have the strongest confidentiality level. But Skrill and NETELLER are the safest methods overall. They have a fraud-proof verification system, so your money and data are always safe. Also, there is one crucial rule in these systems: If anyone makes a grey move and get caught - Paysafe will block the account in every Paysafe' powered payment systems (There's an article "how payment systems fight cybercrime" on our friends' website) 

Reliability of financial operations and guarantee of their implementation.

Any electronic payment system must ensure the correctness of the transfer and deliver the funds to where they were sent. Every system on this list needs the confirmation of the payment, so no one will ever use your money but you. 

Simple and affordable use.

This is a tumb role in any payment system. If to conduct a transaction, you have to do a lot of clicks on the buttons and fill out various forms. The player will lose his valuable time and continues to refuse such a system. Skrill, NETELLER, PayPal, and AstroPay are handy and easy to use.

Fast financial transactions

Before you integrate a specific payment service into your habits, you should find out in advance how quickly it works. All the system has speedy transaction time, do not hesitate to pick one of them!

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