Norman Chad Deactivates His Twitter Account After Beef With Joe Ingram


The feud originally broke out after Chad criticized Ingram’s recent investigation series.

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Joe Ingrams Threatens Norman Chad After Critical Tweets

It is fair to say that when it comes to poker content, Joe Ingram’s bread and butter is investigations into alleged cheating incidents. His YouTube channel got pushed over 100,000 subscribers during the Mike Postle saga in the fall of 2019. During the scandal about the hand between Robi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein last month, he gained 10,000 new subscribers on the platform, as opposed to hisusual 1,000-2,000 per month. He did work hard for it, though - the dedicated Ingram hosted 10 livestreams about the curious incident, all around 10 hours long… 

While generally speaking, people tend to love Ingram’s detective work, this statement is not universal. With an audience that big, there’s bound to be some detractors. One of them was famed poker commentator Norman Chad. Earlier this month, he went to Twitter to express his misgivings, calling Ingram’s videos “reckless”. In the clip posted below, you can see Ingram’s fierce response, captured from one of his many live streams.

As you can see, Ingram is definitely crossing some lines there. He is threatening physical violence - although he may argue that he merely did so in jest, far from actual threats. Either way, based on the comments under the video, it seems the poker fans are siding with Chad. The same goes for the thread about the issue on the Two Plus Two Forum.

Norman Chad Is Off of Twitter

In that 2+2 thread, the original poster shares a screenshot of an email from Norman Chad. In it, he claims he deactivated his Twitter account after he received threats from eager “Chicago Joey” fans online. The email seems to be authentic. Norman Chad’s Twitter indeed has been deactivated.

The threats must have caused substantial distress for the famed poker commentator to make that decision. According to the latest available archived screenshot of his page, he had a considerable following on the social media site, 62,600 back in late March of this year. He is also a staple in the poker world, having called the coverage of major World Series of Poker events since 2003. He commentated over Chris Moneymaker’s historic WSOP Main Event victory. Also, recently, he’s been in the commentary booth for the live streamed cash games from the Hustlers Casino in California. Those streams are one of the most popular poker content on YouTube today.

Joe Ingram is yet to publicly respond to the issue. However, he did have an exciting announcement on his own Twitter feed since the controversy broke out. He revealed that poker legend Phil Ivey will be back as a guest on his popular Poker Life podcast.

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