Nutcase Poker Night: Phil Hellmuth vs Jeff Gross


The incomparable Phil Helmut combined his business interests and poker for the first time. The famous player was in the Nutcase Poker Night show from the company of the same name. Poker Brat is the co-founder of this chocolate milk manufacturer. Phil's main opponent at the table was Jeff Gross, another pro poker player and streamer.

Phil Hellmuth Vs Jeff Gross Nutcase Poker Night

What is Nutcase Poker Night?

Dozens of game shows with different betting levels and line-ups occur yearly in the homeland of poker. In May 2024, a new broadcast called Nutcase Poker Night was presented to fans of the game.

Thanks to the stars at the show table and the venue (PokerGO channel studio), the event immediately entered the TOP American streams high stakes cash games.

  1. Phil Hellmuth – needs no introduction.
  2. Jeff Gross is a versatile player. Streamer, YouTuber, GGPoker ambassador, and commentator.
  3. Steve Aoki is a DJ and WPT Global ambassador.
  4. Jo Weinand is the founder of Nutcase (manufacturer of chocolate nutmeg milk).
  5. Tyler "Ninja" Blevins – TOP Fortnite player, co-founder of Nutcase
    Nate Hill is a professional basketball player
  6. Daniel Weinand is a businessman and owner of Shopify (e-commerce software developer).

Apparently, Phil was the main organizer of Nutcase Poker Night: he is one of the co-founders of the company, and a famous player with great connections.

The fact that the show with bets of $50/$100 and a minimum purchase of $10,000 had the primary purpose of advertising a product from Nutcase was evident not only by the name of the stream.

All the players drank milk from this brand right at the table. Black cans of the drink stood near each box, and at the very beginning of the game, Hellmuth suggested that the winner of the very first hand drink the whole jar in one gulp.

Highlights of the stream

As for poker itself, the game took more than 5 hours:

Of the most exciting things at the table, the following can be distinguished:

  • Nate Hill earned the most at the end. The young basketball player won $17,025.
  • Steve Aoki turned out to be the main loser of the evening. In a hand against Gross with AK, he placed bets on all the streets but eventually discarded the card with an exclamation: "Help me, Phil! I'm just a DJ!" Jeff showed pocket aces.
  • On another hand, with AA, the famous vlogger not only forced Hellmut to fold his QQ but also accurately guessed the opponent's closed cards.
  • At the very beginning of the show, Phil's pocket aces won a big pot to Gross. The dealer put a full house TTT88 on the board, and the GGPoker ambassador lost with KK on the river.
  • Interestingly, just in March, Jeff recorded a podcast with Poker Brat on the topic: "How did he manage to dominate poker for so long?". In an interview in 2022, he called Hellmuth the best player named "Phil." 

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