The biggest pot in the history of the High Stakes Poker show


On April 22, 2024, in the ninth episode of the 12th season of High Stakes Poker, the largest pot in the show's history was played. Indian entrepreneur Santhosh Suvarna won the $992,000 pot from pro player Andrew Robl.

The Biggest Pot Won in High Stakes Poker History

An almost million-dollar pot

The historical moment occurred in the ninth episode of HSP 12:

On April 22, 2024, the Indian entrepreneur Santhosh Suvarna won a $992,000 pot from the American player Andrew Robl.

Interestingly, the previous big pot played by these players in the same episode exceeded half a million dollars and then luck was on Robl's side.
How did Andrew make a push call on the river and lose a large part of the stack?

The American placed a $16,000 straddle on the small blind with 54 (bets $200/400) and called the opponent's re-raise of $54,000.

The flop with 442 was almost perfect for Robl, so he played check call. After the king came out on the turn, both participants of the hand were committed, which is especially surprising if you know that Suvarna had AK in her hands.

And as often happens in poker, the outcome of the hand completely changed in the river. The dealer put another king on the board. Andrew made a big bet of $300K and received a push of $395K. A fold was out of the question. The American had to add only $95K to a huge pot, and after the call, he saw that he had been run over on the last street.

Who are the players?

Santhosh Suvarna Vs Andrew Robl High Stakes Poker

Andrew Robl — specializes in expensive cash games. He appeared in poker shows back in 2008 on Poker After Dark.

In 2023, Robl played in High Stakes Poker, Hustler Casino Live, Live at the Bike, No Gamble No Future, and Poker After Dark, winning $3,156,100. And became the best player of high stakes cash streams in the United States, according to Highroll Poker Tracker.

Santhosh Suvarna can be called the complete opposite of the American. Although the Bangladeshi native also played cash for many years, fame came to him in 2023 when the player decided to switch to live tournaments.

In fact, in one year, he earned more than $7M in winnings. He won the €50K WSOP tournament in Rozvadov and turned into the second Indian player in total winnings.

After that, Suvarny became a frequent guest at poker shows, and a participant in massive six-figure pots.

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