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oRanges Calculator — software for analytical work with ranges

Author: Vargoso Published: 04.12.18

Understanding the range of hands is one of the main skills of a winning poker player. Several pieces of software have been developed for this purpose, being the famous one Flopzilla. Today we introduce you a cheaper alternative which doesn't underperform compared to its counterpart — oRanges Calculator.

oRanges Calculator — software for analytical work with ranges

oRanges Calculator is a software to calculate ranges in Hold'em. Its aim is to help poker players to understand this concept and develop the intuition to make fast decisions in specific game situations.

What can I do with oRanges Calculator?

  1. Study different hand ranges in a convenient way
  2. Ranges of your opponents can be visually represented
  3. Carry out the probability calculations in unknown flops
  4. Make spot analysis where a particular hand is considered against a certain range on boards with different textures
  5. Get statistics that will help to make positive decisions during the game
  6. Use sophisticated and customized filters for working with statistics
  7. Analyze each street separately
  8. Assign a weight to statistics
  9. Use texture filters to create random flops
  10. Assign ranges using the Range Constructor, creating powerful charts
  11. Calculate the push equity
  12. Use simple but useful built-in tools like pot odds calculator, Fold Equity / EV Calculator, Range Combos Statistics, etc.

What are the main advantages of oRanges Calculator?

Of all its features, oRanges Calculator developers highlight the following ones:

Range Constructor:

This tool allows you to mark the selected hands with a certain color, choose the frequency of actions with them and set a name of the action itself. Each hand can be assigned up to 4 colors with the corresponding frequency (weight) of the action. The created ranges can be saved as a tree for future use.

There is a statistics section that helps to determine the frequency of use of hands in different spots, which helps a lot when balancing ranges.

Preflop All-in Helper

This tool is designated to calculate equity against selected ranges and determine EV Call and EV Push in situations where an opponent is pushing you or a possible opponent's call to your push. 

Flop Texture Filters

This tool generates random flops with a given texture. It allows you to study how certain ranges will fall into the boards with selected texture. This tool will also find out how often flops with a certain structure fall out.

Fine selection of starting hands

Only by clicking on the desired hand, you will have the possibility to study all the possible combination of cards for the hand on a pop-up window.

Flexible hand weight assignment system

All hand in ranges differ in the percentage of play. For example, pocket aces and pocket kings are played 100% of the cases, and small pairs (22-66) in 50%.

oRanges Calculator allows you to fix the frequency of use of the hand in a range using the weight of the hand. This can be done in two ways: using a slider located above the table of starting hands, or through a pop-up window that appears after clicking on a certain hand.

Hands with weight in certain ranges (up to 20%, 20%-40%, 40%-60%, 60%-80%, more than 80%) have the same color. The number of assigned weights is unlimited and allows you to import ranges from PioSolver.

User Filter

Custom filters are used to remove or add hands to standard oRanges Calculator statistics. For each post-flop street, the software has a separate user filter.

User Filter allows you to create new unique statistics by combining or modifying standard statistics, which can be used for quick analysis in different situations.

Filters can also be used to divide standard statistics into groups.

Range Tree

Working with ranges in the tree is greatly facilitated by the Drag&Drop function. Folders with ranges can be easily moved and copied just using the mouse. New branches of the tree can be saved on a file for further use.

In addition, oRanges Calculator has:

  • MacOS Support
  • Low price, the license for one computer costs just $15
  • The trial period is 7 days

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