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The development of real money poker apps has been a significant success in the USA because they grinders in two ways: USA fans who want to play against worldwide players in bigger pools; ROW grinders looking to clash against American amateurs.

Although US-facing networks like WPN and Chico accept players from many countries, PPPoker USA clubs have created a new industry with local clubs and many additional benefits.


Best US PPPoker clubs and unions

Let's divide into two categories:

  1. US-based PPPoker clubs: clubs with mainly USA online poker players at the tables. The games are played in USD;
  2. Global clubs for US citizens: unions with traffic compatible with the American timezone.

Worldpokerdeals grants you access to the best of two worlds. You don't need to choose a club based only on your residency but the best one according to your needs.

We highlight the Prime Time Union from the first category, with 24/7 action in USD tables across all stakes and formats.

PPPoker Unions with Latin American traffic are a great representative of the second group. The peak of traffic falls in the same timezone, and PLO and MTTs are trending.

How to join clubs

Join a PPPoker USA club is effortless. However, some steps, like choosing a trusted agent, are crucial for having a great experience:

  1. Choose an agent like Worldpokerdeals.
  2. Ask for the club list. You can join not only American unions but also clubs from many countries.
  3. Check out the action with the test account we will provide.
  4. Confirm all relevant details (rakeback deal, payment methods, currency, etc.).
  5. Send a deposit and start playing.

PPPoker app doesn't hold a license simply because they don't have to. The site uses play money, and only trusted affiliates give value to the chips. In addition to this, according to US federal law, it is not illegal to play online poker (sort of wordplay, but it works).

Therefore, many US poker entrepreneurs host poker clubs with American players, processing deposits and withdrawals via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or USDT and local payment methods.

To be 100% transparent, PPPoker doesn't hold any real money game. All financial transactions are between players and agents; the app is only a play-money platform.

Rakeback deal for US poker players


Rakeback is one of the favorite words of American poker players. This "extra" income is sometimes comforting after a tough month. For professional players, it's a must. With this in mind, our team has crafted a unique multi-club portfolio with a monthly profitable rakeback deal paid in USD.

We will confirm all the details before you deposit.

Playing at real money poker apps from the USA is a profitable and safe decision; this industry is currently on hype and players will get many benefits:

  • 30+ clubs available at three real money poker apps;
  • Guarantees by Worldpokerdeals;
  • Top rakeback deals;
  • Support 7 days a week.

Please contact our team to start playing at PPPoker clubs with the safest deal on the market:

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