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We respond fast!
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PPPoker app: clubs and unions

Our unique PPPoker clubs set up gives access to 25+ clubs from all over the world, including Asian, US, Australian, Latin American, and European clubs. 

Anyone can create a PPPoker club, and that is why we highlight the importance of playing through a trusted affiliate, as we have heard many bad cases of unpaid money from dishonest clubs.

Worldpokerdeals fully guarantees the balance of our players in PPPoker, and we personally try any PPPoker union before adding it to our menu.

What are “clubs” and “unions” in PPPoker?

pppoker clubs

Unlike the usual rooms with a common lobby and tables accessible to all room players, in PPPoker and alternative mobile applications in each club separate their own tables are visible:

  1. Only for players of this club
  2. To the players of the union (alliance) of clubs.

Why are some clubs independent and others are part of unions?

From the point of view of club owners, both options have their pros and cons.


  • More tables and traffic, so that players can always find the right game, which is beneficial for the club
  • Union promotions that increase overall prestige
  • A chance to compete against players from another country/poker club


  • The obligation to make a security deposit to the union
  • Less freedom. Some administrative decisions come “from above” (negotiated individually in each case)
  • Strong players from another club may quickly beat the weak ones from your club
  • Some players like to play only with their buddies

Thus, the club system resembles a system of poker skins (rooms) in one large network. For example, BetOnline, Sportsbetting, and Tigergaming are different entry points to the Chico Poker Network.

PPPoker clubs traffic

At PPPoker, our players will have 24/7 action at any format or stake.

NLH 6-9-max

  NL10-20$ NL21-50$ NL51-100$ NL101-200$ NL201-400$ NL401-600$ NL601-1,000$
16:00 38 12 21 11 3 1  
18:00 43 16 25 12 4 2 1
20:00 36 15 21 8 2 2  
22:00 27 11 16 5 2   1

PLO 6-9-max

  PLO10-20$ PLO21-50$ PLO51-100$ PLO101-200$ PLO201-400$ PLO401-600$ PLO601-1,000$ PLO 1,001-1,800$
16:00 19 14 23 11 7 3 2  
18:00 17 12 27 12 10 5 4 2
20:00 19 8 25 16 13 6 4 2
22:00 13 8 17 12 14 3 3 1

Traffic according to region:

Region Clubs Games Stakes
Philippines 2 MTT / NLH / PLO / OFC NL3.6-180 / PLO3.6-180
USA 2 MTT / NLH / PLO / OFC NL20-1k / PLO20-1k
Brazil 3 MTT/ SNG / NLH / PLO NL5-700 / PLO10-700
Asia 5 MTT / NLH / PLO / OFC / 6+ NL3-180 / PLO60-1.5k
Europe 2 MTT / NLH / PLO NL20-1.3k / PLO20-2.5k
India 4 NLH / PLO / OFC / PLO5 NL60-1.3k / PLO60-1.2k
Russia 1 MTT / NLH / PLO / OFC NL10-700 / PLO10-700
Independent 1 MTT / SNG / NLH / PLO / OFC / 6+ NL30-570 / PLO30-570

Contact our support team to start playing at the best PPPoker clubs:

Telegram: @David_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: +380980972748

Email: [email protected]

The River Club
The River Club
ID: 5068 Inactive
ID: 319246
ID: 6329
ID: 5203
DFW Poker
DFW Poker
ID: 67438
ID: 5031
ID: 20555
Fish Bowl
Fish Bowl
ID: 181801
Red Pineapple
Red Pineapple
ID: 24413
ID: 525154 Inactive
Oriental PClub
Oriental PClub
ID: 193591 Inactive
United States Woo-hoo! Players from United States are accepted!
We respond fast!
Asian Rooms Manager


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