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Triple UP — new SnG format at Tigergaming

Author: Vargoso Published: 25.01.19

In the last year, the Chico network rooms (Tigergaming, BetOnline, SportsBetting) went through a lot of updates and promotions. In 2019, and thanks to the introduction of this new format — Triple UP, it seems like they want to follow de same way. Today we study this new tournament format and share all the important details.

Triple UP — new SnG format at Tigergaming

Triple UP — a new format of SnG tournaments at Tigergaming

SnG tournaments have suffered because of the poker industry development in the past years. The overall drop in online poker traffic and the widespread of lottery tournaments (Spins) have even vanished regular SnG from some poker networks such as iPoker or Microgaming.

Chico was not immune to these changes. In 2018 a local version of Spins, Windfall was launched by the network, but later it was modified, removing the lowest ($1) and the highest ($200) buy-ins. Right now the strategy seems to be innovating on the market with the launching of new game formats.

Triple UP is a regular tournament with buy-ins ranging from $1,5 to $30 in a 6-max format and is similar to DON (Double-Or-Nothing) because once the players reach the prize zone, they receive the same prize. But the main difference is that ITM only include the first two places, and the winnings are more than double than the buy-in. For example, the prize in a $30 Triple UP is $81,90.

The rake structure varies depending on the buy-in:

  • $1.5 - 12%
  • $3.5 - 10%
  • $7 - 9.14%
  • $15 - 9.13%
  • $30 - 9%

Which is slightly higher than DON and HU of the same buy-in, but a little bit less compared to regular 6-max and 9-max SnG tournaments. The initial stack is Triple UP tournaments is 1,500 chips and the blind structure: 8-minutes increase and first level 10/20 chips.

Does Chico have more action in SnG tournaments?

In general, keeping in mind that Chico ranks 16 in terms of traffic, we can say that the SnG action is pretty good. During the peak time (the nights in America), the situation looks like this:

  • Over 20 turbo and hyper-turbo 6-max tournaments with buy-ins up to $15;
  • 10-15 tournaments in 9-max, HU and DON format with the same buy-ins.

The highest stake available, $200 buy-in, usually is only played in HU format. 


The introduction of new formats is always a two-way street for online poker rooms because it can bring lots of traffic at the beginning but if the format doesn't succeed, the new players will just play a few hands at the room.

We consider this as the first step of the Chico poker network in order to finally enter into the TOP-10 of poker rooms; now the strategy started drawing the SnG players' attention but hopefully, in the short future we will see more novelties related to cash games and other promotions.

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