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Who the fish are we?

Author: captainlonga Published: 30.01.17

Welcome to Worldpokerdeals.com - Rockstar Affiliates! In this article we aim to introduce our team, services,  poker goals and fun activities to the poker World!

Who the fish are we?


So who THE FISH are we?

Sup guys, my name is Rodion Longa, I am a head of this website and the one responsible for everything that happens on Worldpokerdeals. You could have read my business and Travel blogs on Russian poker sites, as well as in the social networks.  Well, taking that you are reading this in English - most likely you haven't. So let's move on :)

I am an ex poker player and poker coach based in Kiev, Ukraine, but these days dedicated to travelling (staying in Latin America as for February, 2017) and discovering new poker rooms day by day.

We, Worldpokerdeals - are a group of creative poker players and managers, registered in the UK under the brand name "BOSSLIKE GAMING PL", travelling across the world: South-East Asia, Eastern Europe and even South America in search of a good action: both live and online.

Our project was started in 2013 as a small site with a few local poker room offers and special conditions of access to them for a wide range of players.

Been playing Heads Up Cash professionally for 6 years, I have always understood the influence of a game and room selection on a win-rate and was permanently in search of "loyal" rooms with low competition from fellow regulars. 

This gave rise to the idea - to create a product that will give the opportunity to play in the softest lineups, getting the entire "package" of services for the grind- financial transactions, software, free datamining, guarantee on deposits, VPN services and most importantly - the best support service available on the poker-affiliate market.

Since then, we have grown and been adding new networks, deals and offers for our VIPs.  At the moment, without false modesty, we offer the widest choice of rooms, as well as secure access for players from all over the world.

Whatever private or public pools  you are interested in - Asian, Italian, Indian, Israeli, Arab, French, Spanish, Latin American poker rooms - probably we already have a ready-made and user-friendly solution to grind there.

In short - you play and we take care of the rest.

How does rakeback deals work?

Each poker room is connected to the room manager who takes care of deals, hand histories and everyday-support issues for the players.

The more rooms you play with WPD - the easier for you to reach the higher place at our epic rake race, that will give you up to 15% on the top of your private deal.

What are the VIP-services?

Our intention is always to provide servises to our VIPs that we would use by ourselves because of their convenience.  Therefore our VIP-members have an access to such services:

  • Money flips without commissions - Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, WPN, Planetwin365

  • Free datamining NLH and PLO up to nl/pl600$

  • Free graphic layouts for a comfy multitabling

  • Free hand converters for stats

  • Rakeback to local bank accounts — as for December 2017: Thailand, Russian, Ukraininan banks are supported

  • Private access to underground poker rooms

  • Up to 35% discounts on Business class tickets

  • Consulting services on opening bank accounts in Europe

  • Consierge-service and access to our rock-and-roll parties all over the World (Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Mexico)


What is our mission?

We develop our business with great pleasure because our only model is "earn by letting others earn". Our goal is to provide the best deals and offers to the players, that they wouldn't be able to get without us or through other agents.  Simple as that.

Do you work with webmastrers, poker schools, staking funds?

Yes, we do and have solid experience in this.  

In most cases we are able to offer a solution that will suit your purposes and will move all your casual work on us - accounting, transfers, rakebacks and everyday support for your players. So that you can focus on you business, let us do the rest and receive your profits with stats on the end of each month.

Наше покер-поселение в Таиланде

Our poker village in Thailand.

Anything else you wanna tell me?

Playing live games and tournaments? Lets get to know each other. We have connection at most poker series and would like to offer discounts on hotels and buy-ins for you guys, as well as advice on local fun and activities. We are a big group of players so you never walk alone whereever you are )

We know how to work and also how to party hard!

Welcome to our ROCKSTAR poker site.

Rodion Longa,

Head of www.Worldpokerdeals.com


G2 4JR, 272 Bath Street

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Whatsapp: :+66988588487
Telegram: https://telegram.me/iamlonga
Skype: rodion_longa

ceo (at) worldpokerdeals.com

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