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Win rates of the best players in top poker rooms in 2021

Author: Vargoso Published: 06.01.22

The main result of the year for any online poker player is the overall profit. The amount for each individual grinder depends on many factors. Is there a difference between the top players' win rates depending on which site they play? Our article answer this question.

Win rates of the best players in top poker rooms in 2021

How did regs roll in different rooms?

Each poker site has its own field features, and such features directly affect the game's success. That's not a secret to anyone. However, usually, all the arguments about the softness of the field are reduced to "feelings," based on the subjective of each player.

How can we evaluate results objectively?

For this purpose, we decided to use the "TOP players" section of Statname.net service and analyze how, at the same stake, but in different poker rooms, the win rate of the top 10 players changes, considering the number of hands played (only regular 6-max tables NLH).

In order not to add infinite tables to this article, we will provide data and conclusions for only 3 stakes. All other information you can check completely free of charge on Statname.

Of course, such results can be interpreted in different ways, and they concern only the results of the best players, but they clearly enough show the features of the field of different rooms.


Room Results


$ BB/100
PokerStars 3,2K 10,7 310K
iPoker 1,12K 6,5 172K
Winning 0,98K 8 106K
888poker 2,13K 14,8 160K
Chico 3,2K 15 246К
  • At this stake, Chico Poker Network players, despite the slightly above average, were able to achieve the highest win rate, and in terms of the number of hands played, they are second only after PokerStars. Apparently, even without rakeback, local regs are satisfied with the overall profits. The same can be said about 888Poker players.
  • At PokerStars, both at NL10 and higher stakes, we can find the most persistent grinders, who, even with the table cap of 4, manage to bypass all their colleagues from other rooms in terms of hands played. Skill and low rake allow them to have an average win rate.
  • WPN turned out to be a complex site to play: its best players score only the second-worst BB/100. Moreover, at this stakes, RB isn't significant, especially considering the average monthly winnings of the best players with less than 9k hands
  • iPoker players at NL10 lose a significant share of the profits by a high rake of 6.6%, and they occupy only third place in hands.


Room Results Hands
$ BB/100
PokerStars 21,6K 8,4 269K
iPoker 11,1K 6,1 198K
Winning 6,8K 6,3 128K
888poker 11,1K 9,6 121K
Chico 7,7K 8,4 114K
  • In terms of BB/100, the spread between rooms is less than at lower stakes. Such indicator is minimal in the iPoker and Winning networks, indicating a massive reg-infestation.
  • 888Poker is the leader in win rate.
  • In Chico, the best 6-max players played less hands, most likely because full-ring tables are widespread at NL100.


Room Result Hands
$ BB/100
PokerStars 64K 7,2 97K
iPoker 70,5K 9,1 70,3K
Winning 30,6K 14,2* 25,4K
888poker 34K 10,7 34,4K
Chico 46K 12,2 47K

*If we remove a particular player's massive 35BB/100 win rate for 7k hands, the average will drop to 13.

  • At this high stake, players of American networks earn the most per 100 hands.
  • The best poker players of Stars and iPoker on NL1k earn an honest penny by playing more hands, which gives them a much more solid profit than players of other rooms.

Statname.net has been collecting data at GGPoker since October last year, so soon, we will be able to run a similar analysis for this room. All questions about the Statname subscription service can be asked to our manager:



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