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Winning Poker Network: $199,572 Reimbursed to Players

Author: Vargoso Published: 14.03.20

The fight against bots continues in online poker. Since last year, the biggest poker rooms started sharing the results of their strategies against cheaters: partypoker, Microgaming, among others, confirmed a frontal fight against bots, blocking accounts and seizing money. Winning Poker Network did the same thing, and now a new reimbursement has been announced.

Winning Poker Network: $199,572 Reimbursed to Players

Winning Poker Network: $199,572 reimbursed to players

WPN blocked A total of 21 bot accounts from May to September 2019, seizing almost $200,000 that was reimbursed to players yesterday.

WPN reimburses up to a cap of $25,000 per offending player.

Almost all the money is related to eight accounts ($183,943), including two players with a suspiciously similar name (CURRRRR14 and CURRRR14, each with $25,000). Five bots were from Germany and nine from the USA.

Nickname Country Banned Date  Reimbursement 
CURRRR14 Canada September 13, 2019  $         25.000,00 
daumesdack Germany June 15, 2019  $         25.000,00 
BOBOCOOLL Germany June 15, 2019  $         25.000,00 
1Rake1 Germany September 26, 2019  $         25.000,00 
CURRRRR14 Hungary September 13, 2019  $         25.000,00 
snowd33r Netherlands September 6, 2019  $         25.000,00 
CATSONCATNIP Germany September 26, 2019  $         17.933,80 
Ship!tDisWaaaay USA June 10, 2019  $         16.009,94 
Dustyrotten USA June 3, 2019  $           4.523,07 
MELLONBALLS Germany June 6, 2019  $           2.464,80 
race car_rac ecar USA May 21, 2019  $           2.115,14 
conzan Italy July 22, 2019  $           1.838,75 
highrise2020 USA May 18, 2019  $           1.154,01 
Del30 USA May 18, 2019  $           1.065,62 
SAZONIK Belarus August 22, 2019  $              832,32 
OMGitsTRUMP Canada July 19, 2019  $              520,21 
Gustav_311 Sweden June 13, 2019  $              377,07 
cardstack USA May 18, 2019  $              255,03 
Puncturable USA June 22, 2019  $              228,31 
pokerblu USA July 30, 2019  $              226,71 
Eclipsez USA May 11, 2019  $                31,60 

The hand histories are still being processed, and the users affected with the full amount reimbursed are public information.

WPN Bots Twitter

According to the WPN Banned Accounts website, the last account was blocked on September 26, 2019, six months ago. A total of 13,910 players benefited from this process and the network has already contacted them to share more details.

Joey Ingram (recently awarded Journalist of the Year by Global Poker Awards 2019) questioned that the last account "was blocked in July 2019", but Philip Nagy (WPN CEO) replied that they were continually working and that accounts are continuously blocked, but no reimbursement was made due to data issues.

It's clear that bots are one of the main problems that the online poker industry faces in 2020. With tools like Pluribus being developed right now, online poker rooms need to devote enough effort and create anti-cheating teams to stop scams faster than ever.

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