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Winning Poker Network (WPN) now knows what is running on players PC

Author: Vargoso Published: 18.12.20

On December 16th, 2020, another monthly update took place in the WPN rooms. The change under the name "Fight bots" added a feature to gather and send to network servers all information about programs running on your computer. We will tell you why this was done and how best to react to this new product for players.

Winning Poker Network (WPN) now knows what is running on players PC

A new stage in the fight against bots?

Many top poker rooms, through their software, monitor all processes running on players' computers isn't a surprise. Such an initiative is quite understandable – the room wants to know if the poker player is using prohibited software during the game.

Winning Network came up with such functionality for its client only a year and a half after the new platform launch. 

Starting December 16th, 2020, PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, and Black Chip Poker collect and send data about 'exe files' running on the player's PC. 

Therefore, you should be prepared for possible "happiness' letters" from the rooms with warnings about the inadmissibility of using specific programs or with questions to clarify the purpose of any particular software. Players grinding at several sites have the most chances for this. 

It is possible that later, based on the collected data, the list of software prohibited in WPN will be updated. There is a small hope that the functionalities of the most common tools, for example, WPN Tools Lite, will be integrated into the client. 

What should players do?

The best option would be to exclude all poker software work together with the WPN client, except for trackers and WPN Tools Lite. 

It would also be nice to once again familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited software on the website of your room. True, they mention specific names, but you can roughly understand what you should not run with the client from the proposed descriptions. 

Prohibited software on the Winning Poker Network

  • Poker bots or any other software that can play without human intervention. 
  • Software that provides the player with real-time information such as a calculator for outs and absolute hand strength. 
  • Tools that offer real-time assistance (RTA).
  • GTO calculators. 
  • Software for mining hand histories. 
  • Scripts for auto-seating or software for searching tables according to specific criteria. 
  • Advanced hotkeys with the ability to set the size of bets depending on the opponent's actions. 
  • Tools that can change the graphics of the rooms. 

WPN About prohibited software

In this case, it is worth noting the rule prescribed by the network. WPN reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether players are using any of the above-prohibited tools based on patterns.

That is, even if the program seems safe to you, but its operation falls under the algorithms by which prohibited software is determined, you should stop using it and limit only to the tracker and WPN Tools Lite (latest versions). 

We hope that as soon as possible, WPN share more specific lists of prohibited software and honest players will not suffer during this period.

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