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CombCalc6Plus — program for calculating combinations in Texas Hold’em Six Plus.


What is CombCalc6Plus?

There are no developed strategies for 6+ Hold'em yet. All the information available on the internet is limited to a few tips on the game (which we already quoted). For those who want to develop their own strategy for 6+ Hold'em, today we will present a software created specifically for that — CombCalc6Plus; this piece of software calculates our chances against the opponents.

CombCalc6Plus functionalities include:

  • Calculates the equity of a particular hand against a hand range of one or more opponents preflop or other streets;
  • Calculating the odds of the hand range of one or more opponents in the flop with the output matrix.

short deck culc

  • Create your own hand range with any hand-in percentage and save it as a separate file

chort deck culc

The user can customize the software and the folder location. Detailed instructions on how to work with the program and create your hand range can be found on the developer's website.

Its most important advantage is that you will be able to have a better understanding of the mathematics behind Short Deck Hold'em and its main differences with classical Hold'em, understanding the hand range of the opponents or yourself in different scenarios.

How much does CombCalc6Plus cost?

The calculator has a free two-week trial license with full functionality. After your trial expires you can get a yearly license for $50. Skrill and PayPal are accepted for payments.

The trial and license are requested on the software:


  1. Fill out the form. In the affiliate line, enter the code WPD and get 1 month of trial version instead of the regular 2 weeks;
  2. After that, click on the RequestLicense button and save the file to your computer;
  3. Send it to the developer e-mail: [email protected];
  4. Wait for an updated file and copy it into the program folder. 



For only preflop equity calculations, there is another calculator — EquityCalc6Plus. Its basic version is free. The Silver license costs $20 and gives the program full functionality.

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