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WPN Tools Lite is a software from a series of poker assistants to improve the convenience of playing at the Winning Poker Network (WPN) rooms.  Its capabilities are severely limited by the rules of the network, but it still allows you to use hotkeys, arrange tables and display HUD.


WPN Tools Lite features

Display of chips and stacks to the big blinds.

A very useful option:

  • It is more convenient for playing many tables at different stakes. The player does not have to spend time adapting the size of the bets to a specific stake.
  • It is possible to abstract from the specific amounts played in the pots and focus on the action itself.
  • Tournament players can faster make the desired strategy changes based on the stack size.

Create Bet Templates

Wpn Tools Lite 2

WPN Tools Lite allows you to configure the bet size in more detail than the standard client.  In either direction, the program will offer you the increases in the sizes and bet that you set.

Table layout

Through the software, you can make a special set-up and automatically organize the tables on the screen.

When changing the number of tables, you can switch between different settings through hotkeys. 

Keyboard shortcuts

Wpn Tools Lite 3

Another very useful feature of WPN Tools Lite is the possibility to assign hotkeys for various actions that are frequently repeated on the tables.

Working with dialog boxes

Any windows in the poker room client in which the player is asked to perform a certain action (“OK” –when sitting at the fast poker table or “Register” in the tournament lobby) can be closed automatically by the software according to the option selected by the player.

WPN tools lite HUD

Wpn Tools Lite Hud

WPN Tools Lite has its own HUD.  The player can customize which of its options should be displayed at the tables. These include, for example, position, time at the table, randomizer.

Setting up a poker room client

For the software assistant to work correctly, you need to configure the client:

  1. Configure the shortcut to run as administrator.
  2. Set the English version of the client “My account – Language”
  3. Disable the “Show chips as # of big blinds” option in the “Settings-Playing Tools-Gameplay" section.

Software cost

To be able to fully test WPN Tools Lite, you can use a 31-day free trial before purchasing. It has no restrictions. To activate the trial period after running the software, you must specify “demo” as your username and password

A one-year WPN Tools Lite license costs $40. You can also buy it for any number of months (one - $4, six -$22). 

The license key is linked to the PC hardware but it can be transferred to another computer for free.

For any further questions, please contact our manager.  He keeps connected daily:

Have a question? Contact us:
Anton Manager Wpd
Head of Support


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