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Poker Tracker 4

Stats, tracker and HUD

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Poker Tracker is a software for collecting, analysing and displaying statistics in real time in Hold'em and Omaha poker tables. It has hundreds of indicators (stats), which can be shown in HUDs or Pop-Ups.

It has a big arsenal of tools to analize a game:

- filters by any situation;

- several graphics with any statistic;

- reports of hundreds of parameters, being this customizable;

- Hand replayer with the ability to calculate ICM

The software has support for unlimited databases, more than 25 poker rooms and networks, support to import databases from other trackers and Mac OS compatibility.

It has several additional tools: Setup Assistant, NoteTracker, LeakTracker, ICM Calculator, ICM Quiz, Equity Calculator.

Free period of use is 30 days. License for 2 computers.

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