888Poker new client: pros and cons


After two years of development, 888Poker migrated its platform to a new client based on the Poker8 engine. The latest update was rolled out in November 2020 and changed the desktop PC client. The modifications have caused a strong and mostly negative reaction from the community. In this article, we will analyze in detail the new platform and find out why players are unhappy.


Features of the new lobby

The transition to the new 888Poker client started two years ago. The Poker8 tables were available to all players in the spring of 2019. Still, the migration was delayed for a year and a half. It was completed only after the site rolled out a completely redesigned mobile client.

What did players see when they download the new client?

New 888Poker lobby

  • Main menu and account information were moved to the left side of the window. A small panel with icons was added.
  • A new filter on the list of tables and tournaments.
  • The "My Favorites" tab has been removed.
  • New tournament type icons and a square tournament lobby.

Beginner's lobby

New 888Poker Beginners lobby

  • The lobby for Spins Blast and fast-fold poker has been redesigned to a mobile format with large panels. You can also enable it for regular cash tables by clicking the "Group View" button.

888Poker new Blast lobby

The biggest change in the new 888Poker client is the inability to see players sitting at the tables from the lobby.

Regs were dissatisfied with this innovation and with a bigger demand on PC resources, causing lags, freezes, and login and trackers problems.

How to return to the old client?

Players started asking on poker forums about the possibility of disabling the new client and reverting to the previous version. While the following turnaround still works, it's unknown how long it will do, just like PokerStars Aurora.

Remind that any unauthorized changes are made under the responsibility of the player.

  1. Update the client to the latest version and save the file Version.cxm from the following folder: C:\Users\User\AppData\ Roaming\PacificPoker\Utils (Users is the account name).

    Note: To access this file, you will need to enable the display of hidden folders in Windows.
  2. Uninstall the new client.
  3. Find the client installation file of a version not earlier than
  4. Install the application and close the update window.
  5. Copy the Version.cxm file and replace the current one in the same folder.
  6. Launch the room and uncheck the "Switch to new table design" option in Settings>Game Display.

The old client will return after doing this, which works with layouts and other third-party software without any issues. If the app is updated again, you will need to repeat the process.

What is good about the new client?

For the sake of fairness, we must say that the new lobby, powered by the Poker8 engine, uses clear and contrasting fonts, which are clearly visible against the dark monochromatic background of all windows.

888Poker has never hidden its intentions to create a client with casual players in mind. The room has been working for several years to level the field. Therefore, colorful tables and lobbies, many of which are the same as mobile, are made for this audience.

Surely, 888Poker needs to work hard to debug its software, but those issues are likely to be solved in the next few months. In the meantime, the site is getting ready for the seasonal increase in traffic: besides launching a new client, they are giving away $1,000,000 in promotions.

Made to Play $1,000,000

The promotion will run until January 10, 2021, and consists of several parts:

  • Winner Spinner — two daily spins of a wheel with prizes in the form of tickets for freerolls ($30,000 prize pool per week), tournament entries, casino bonuses, and bets.
  • Happy Hour — happy hour with gifts for Snap, Blast, and Satellite players.
  • Gift Drop — a prize up to $1,000 drawn every 5 minutes at a random table.

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