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How to disable the Aurora engine on PokerStars?

PokerStars rolled out a new software update, and now the old graphic settings are no longer available. The site has entirely switched to the Aurora engine. Is there a turnaround to restore the old interface?

How to disable the Aurora engine on PokerStars?

Full migration to Aurora

After several months of testing, PokerStars has fully completed the transition to a new client based on the Aurora engine. We all knew that this will happen sooner or later because they have been slowly implementing changes throughout the year:

However, some players still hoped that PokerStars would leave an option in the settings to play with the old client. But, indeed, such a feature would only put additional work to the development team.

After the latest update rolled out in late October 2020, PokerStars removed the option to choose the graphics engine, and now all games will be played on Aurora.

What's wrong with PokerStars Aurora?

Aurora has become another way for PokerStars to support casual players, something they have been doing more intensively than any other room in recent years.

The new software is brighter, the tables are overloaded with details made only for beauty, a situation that was not fixed with the addition of a dark mode and the minimalistic "Carbon" theme.

Aurora has terrible fonts, both in the lobby and at the tables, which read worse than the old client or compared to other clients.

Besides, the young engine has several other "problems":

  1. New features like throwing objects overload the PC, increasing the system requirements;
  2. Much third-party software like StarsHelper and layouts are not working correctly.

Instructions for disabling PokerStars Aurora

Old PokerStars graphics

Since the update was rolled out recently, computer specialists have found a way to return to the old engine, but no one knows how long it will work. Most likely, PokerStars will notice soon and eventually deprive players of this method as well.

  1. Enable the visualization of hidden folders in Windows;
  2. Delete the files in the folder C\Users\(Your username)\AppData\Local\PokerStars\ImgCache;
  3. Right-click on the ImgCache folder and go to Properties-Security-Modify. Click on the option to prohibit writing to the folder;
  4. Launch the client with the PokerStars.exe file, or create a new shortcut to the desktop. Delete the old shortcut.

Any changes to the files and folders of the PokerStars client are made by players at their own risk. The possible reaction from the customer service is unknown!

UPDATE JANUARY 2021: It is possible that the above instructions don't work anymore. Hence, we share a new method:

  1. From the lobby, select Help, then Open My Settings Folder. You'll see the folder open.
  2. Close the client (keeping the settings folder open).
  3. In the settings folder, find the user or user.ini file, right-click on it, and select Edit to open the file with notepad.
  4. Within the file, find the section that starts with [PipeOption] and add the following line LegacyPokerTable=1
  5. Save the changes you made to the settings file and restart your computer.
  6. Reopen PokerStars, then log back in.

PokerStars have clarified that they no longer support the old graphics engine and won't fix any bug.

If you are not satisfied with this situation, we will help you find a new room:




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