"A couple of tips" from the poker affiliate Rodion Longa.


Without false modesty, guys, for the three years of running Worldpokerdels - our project from a small site with a couple of small rooms, which no one wanted to work, has grown into a large three-language project with 2000+ active players and 14 people working in our team. I am occasionally being asked to give "a couple of tips" on the topic of affiliate marketing or website creation in general. So I decided to give battle to my procrastination (postponement of everything), and to answer the most popular questions. Let's go!



To begin with, earning on creating websites is possible in different forms - placement of advertisements, the sale of links and of course the affiliate programs. These are the three most popular payment models poker rooms and casinos use:

Net Revenue Share ( NRS) - this is when the owner of the product (poker room, casino, ointments for penis enlargement) shares with you a percentage of the net profit (profit minus operating costs, in our case - bonuses to players, the commissions  to payment system, marketing and so on. ). It may, in agreement with a webmaster be paid for spherical Lifetime (lifetime, yeah), or within the agreed period of time. In product marketing - interest from future sales.

Cost per action (the CPA) - payment for a specific user action, or a combination of a few. Payed only once. Necessary actions in the context of sports betting, casino and poker generally - making a deposit, a certain minimum amount of deposit and a required minimum rake.

Cost per Install the CPI) - payment for the installed application. In poker and casino already almost never offered, ususlly used for installs of mobile games and programs.

The choice of payment model - the topic for the series of posts, but adding some logic, you probably can guess that on sites where poker or casino beginners come to play - it is better to use the pay-per-result (CPA), or combo (small one-time reward + a small % of future rake in poker or losses - in casinos and betting) - since these players are less likely to be active and play a lot. Accordingly, the regular players are better to be better connected to the Revenue Share models.

Similar and more narrowly-specific conclusions can (and should) be made on every step. This is your main analytical task.


I hear this bullshit every other day. Its never too late to start working in the existing niche, but if you go through the same gate, which everyone uses, it is likely that - there is a long queue to the moon there.

Think about how it is possible to get close to the audience with a high level of competition outside the box, in other words - not like others. Freerollers are used to copy - to take a ready-made and copy-paste ideas, or even the entire businesses. The examples are not hard to find.

After we appeared on the market - one after another XXXpokerdeals.com sites started to show up  - where even the captions and titles of sections were photographed from us. Some of these projects were able to get some of the traffic, but most are closed now (or want to be bought for $ 50-100k, lol) in half a year. At that moment, when it turned out that the affiliate business - it's not passive income that is delivered to the couch and you need to work your ass off for 8-16 daily. In other words - or receive pleasure from this masochistic business, or to forget about this for of activity once and forever.

Look for new entry points. For example today - it is probably not the best time to become a poker affom without your own traffic. But you dont have to create a project dedicated directly to poker rooms, rakeback and services. Start providing cool content - not in a poker rakeback or casino ratings fields. And then place some well convertible products - poker, casino or even Travel (tickets, hotels, etc...), Or even adult (pron, dating, etc.)


No need to follow major webmasters, its better and go get 100+ room deals that other may have in their catalogs. Start with a few especially interesting rooms that others dont put much emphasis to. Find affiliate programs of small skins, tell them that the majority of webmasters work with 2-3 big names on your geo-market, but you like and trust in their brand. You may ask for a slightly higher deal at the starts, they are likely to be glad of your position and try to keep you motivated.

Then explain to your players - what  undeniable advantages this poker room has compared to large ones. The ability to cashout funds quickly  or private freerolls, or a good first deposit bonus.

Show them that they have now, and what will happen in the new room. Use the effect of "before and after".

And then slowly collect your customer audience client by client.


Forget about the weekends, combine leisure with work. 

Here, of course, I am aware that I am personally - a single man,  free in many ways (believe me, I know the value of this concept), and most importantly - a workaholic. Everyone can't be like that, this is not possible and is not nesessary in terms of life. Everyone has different environment to recharge the energy and different a field for its spending. It is important to understand that the main thing in life - is the ratio of your happiness, your positive emotions and their relationship to negative. If the business is not your kind of thing - that means that most likely other things can make you happier. Not everyone can be an artists. Same works for merchants, webmasters and bus drivers.

If I do not work for 2 days, then I begin to feel stressed. I have my fun and passion with what I do, and at the same time I also do not lose in some other areas of life, where you may be successful. This is the rule I fully understand and accept.

So if you constantly feel irritated, nervous and depressed - quit this thing, like once quit grinding poker. Although was afraid and thought that my access to moneys is forever closed.

And if you accept the rules of the games and you're a workaholic monster nerd like I am, here's a couple of pretty much obvious advices. Non-obviousness is rarely given out or costs a lot.


Parallelte processes. Engaged in the work? Turn the youtube lecture on Youtube. Watch something? Craft someting at the same time. Doing one thing - always add another. The highest level - is blind texting on the keyboard, while reading an article on the other screen. Without significant losses in typing and perception skills.

This gonna teach your brain to complete more tasks during your work time. And therefore it will save you more time in the evening to watch a movie, or spend time with your loved ones.


Make  breaks for 10-15 minutes every hour: to play a game, watch something, to eat. Don't make yourself feel too tight. Enjoyed a beggining of the movie? Watch it until the end. It is important to tell yourself - I relax and rest my brain to keep it fresh. It is better to work all day without feeling that you are on the marathon and with constant large and medium breaks depending on your mood, than to limit your time and call it a "distraction." Yet we choose freedom, not modal life. Besides that our head usually knows its boundaries and sends a signal to stop working. 


People most oftenly are driven by envy. When I start to hear too many advices from everywhere - I understand that I am moving in the right direction.


Also my regular mistake :) For the momentum of pleasure by telling others about our big plans - we leave our brain without half of its motivation to work on the result. Now it is promised 50% less serotonin (neuro transmitter that causes a feel of happiness) for completing of the given plan.


Most of all I was lucky that despite the lack of experience, I "accidentally" haven't found a partner in the beginning. Believe me, you pay interest  of the earnings to your sales, but you should have the absolute ownership of the business, or at least - its decisive control package should be your. At any stage of development. 

Any partners sooner or later turn into bitter enemies, it is only a matter of time, do not even hesitate. The underlined bold font - a matter of time.


Every week new by sub-affiliate marketers contact me and aske for deals in all poker rooms. In fact, we have more than 90 in the catalog :)

Usually, they have no idea how to get traffic, no original ideas. Only a plan to copy a content from X.com (instead X.com insert any successful website name).

But even more interesting thing is that when they get these deals, they will surely want to find something 2% higher than that from the start.

No one likes pushy people. Start doing something, show the first results, and you will be offered a better deal because room managers also want to keep you motivated to bring more traffic to their products. They also earn a share of your action. 

And besides that it lays the proper foundation to your future business relations. 

Want to read the second part of this post? Then click under these lines on the icon of one of the social networks and share the post to VK, FB, Twitter, or Google. If I can collect 20 shares - I will write the second part.

Best luck and bright thoughts on your way.

Rodion Longa

Ringleader of Worldpokerdeals.com

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