How and why to retag old poker accounts under a poker affiliate?


Some poker players, especially at the very beginning of their careers, are not particularly familiar with the nuances of online poker.  One of the most important of them is the interaction between poker rooms and affiliates; in some cases, gaming accounts are created from random sites, or without any tracking, based only on general information about the room. Over time, players begin to understand the importance of such actions and look for an opportunity to retag old accounts. In this article, we share why it's necessary to retag old accounts under an affiliate and how to do it.


Why do I need to retag old poker accounts?

For most poker rooms, playing without a binding or being tracked with an already inactive affiliate is less profitable than doing it with tracking, for example, from our site.

This can be easily demonstrated with the two most famous European poker networks: iPoker (Betfair) and Microgaming (RedKings); players with non-affiliated accounts receive fewer bonuses and (or) worst conditions in some cases:

Betfair Poker

 Non-tracked accountAccount tracked with WPD
fixed 35%

Even if the difference in bonuses between an old account and a tracked one is small, or nothing at all, in the second case you will have advantages such as fast and competent support no matter the room, and get assistance in case of any problem.

Tip for beginners: tracking accounts in most rooms occurs when the players visit its site with a special link provided by an affiliate. To guarantee successful tracking, the players must use the provided link after cleaning cookies in the web browser or use a clean browser just installed.

How and where can I retag old poker accounts?

"Retag" accounts in almost all poker rooms is subject to certain conditions. In most cases, the main one is not being tracked to another affiliate or having registered accounts with a non-active one. In this case, you can simply contact our manager (you can find his contacts in every poker room review) and he will help you with the process of retagging your old account.

List of poker rooms that allow retagging your account:

  • Betfair Poker
  • RedStar
  • Intertops
  • PokerKing

Partypoker and Bwin require that the account has not been active in the last 6 months, and PokerKing can even retag accounts registered under other affiliates, but only with its consent.

If you don't find the poker room you would like to retag in the above list, it doesn't mean that it is impossible. Just contact our manager, and he will try to help you individually. 

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