Adrian Mateos wins his second Triton title in Montenegro


Spanish player Adrian Mateos won the $50K 8-Handed Hold'em at the Triton Super High Roller Series in Montenegro in 2024, adding the second title of this series to his career.

Champion Adrian Mateos Triton Shrs Montenegro 2024

Adrian Mateos: Almost $10 million in Triton

Adrián Mateos reaffirms himself as one of the best poker players in history. Just two months ago, the Madrid native won his first title in Jeju, and now he has increased his legend by adding another title.

Adrian Mateos won his second Triton title in Montenegro after overcoming 159 entries in the $50K 8-Handed Hold'em tournament. The event had a prize pool of almost $8 million, of which almost $2 went home with Mateos.

As usual, the field was attended by players of the highest level, including Dan Smith, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Dvoresss, among others. 27 players cashed right after the elimination of Paul Phua, who fell into the tournament bubble.

Final table

Adrián Mateos qualified for the final table as the short stack with “only” 18BBs. Ben Tollerene, with 44BBs, was the leader, and in the definition, there were players like Phil Ivey, Nick Petrangelo, and Dan Smith. The first eliminated was Mario Mosböck, who gave his chips to Ivey in an all-in AK vs QJ.

Dan Smith came out after his AQ didn't hold up against Justin Saliba's A9, which got a 9 on the board. Ivey continued eliminating players and shaping up for the definition by beating Vaskaboinikau with a pair of deuce. However, Ivey crossed paths with Mateos in his path, who won him all his chips with AJ against Phil's K8.

Joe Zou was the last eliminated at the hands of Saliba before settling for the final heads-up in a bad beat that broke his pair of kings with a Q8 that got two pairs on the board.

Mateos started the final definition with 37BB against Saliba's 16BB. To everyone's surprise, the heads-up only had one hand, as both players ended up all-in AT of clubs (Saliba) against A7 of hearts (Mateos). The board was 8hTh9tJsKh, giving Mateos a flush and the second Triton title of his career.

Final table payouts:

  1. Adrian Mateos, Spain – $1,761,000
  2. Justin Saliba, USA – $1,188,000
  3. Joe Zou, China – $818,000
  4. Nick Petrangelo, USA – $667,000
  5. Ben Tollerene, USA – $532,000
  6. Phil Ivey, USA – $408,000
  7. Mikala Vaskaboinikau, Belarus – $297,000
  8. Dan Smith, USA – $215,000
  9. Mario Mosböck, Austria – $178,100

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