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Best Bitcoin poker sites 2023

Author: Vargoso Published: 29.07.22

Bitcoin was launched over a decade now, and from 0 to the moon, it has been a long way. The industry has changed a lot since then. Now many holdings invest in cryptos, and online poker players worldwide process payments with BTC or other cryptos. So, what are Bitcoin poker sites? In short, we could give this name to any real money online poker room that accepts BTC as a payment method. However, there are two kinds of crypto poker sites: those offering games in digital currencies, and those having it only as another method in the cashier. Now let's check the main features of Bitcoin poker.

Best Bitcoin poker sites 2023

Top 5 legal poker sites accept Bitcoin & Crypto

There are two kinds of cryptocurrency poker sites: those offering games in digital currencies and those having it only as another method for the cashier.


GGPoker is the world's largest poker network and one of the best sites to play online poker depositing with Bitcoin. After signing up at GGNetwork, you'll get a unique 100% welcome poker bonus of up $600 or $100 in rewards. The Fish Buffet rewards program gives up to 60% rakeback, and on top of that, you will take part in several rake races and other promotions designed for all formats available (Texas Hold'em, Omaha PLO, PLO5, All-in or Fold, Fast fold, Spin & Go, MTT, Short Deck Hold'em).

GGPoker logo
GG Network
Good for beginners Network's best skin High stakes action
Welcome offer $600
Rakeback up to 60%


Natural8 logo
GG Network
50%+ rakeback Bitcoins accepted Good for beginners
Deposit bonus $1,000
Rakeback up to 60%

WPT Global

WPT Global is a new development by the trusted World Poker Tour. They have partnered with a massive Asian partner, so their traffic has been excellent since day one. You can play cash games and MTTs, and the game portfolio will be improved soon. The room gives a unique 100% welcome bonus of up to $1,200, and our players get massive rakeback up to 45%.

WPT Global logo
WPT Global
Good for beginners Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus $1,200
Rakeback up to 45%


TigerGaming is the flagship room of the US-friendly Chico Poker Network, recognized for its soft field across many 9-max games from 10$ to $1k (NLH and PLO). The tournament grid guarantees hundreds of thousands of dollars every week. Once you register with WPD, you will get a welcome package including a massive 100% first deposit bonus of up to $1,000.

BetOnline logo
Chico Poker Network
High stakes action
Deposit bonus 1000$
Rakeback VIP


PokerKing operates on the Winning Poker Network, the biggest and most trustable US-friendly poker site. It's preferred by fans of exotic formats like Stud or Omaha Hi/Lo, but you can also find regular NLH/PLO (up to $5k), Spins, and multi-table tournaments. They run The Venom, one of the biggest online MTTs, guaranteeing millions of dollars annually. Our customers get a unique package including a 100% welcome bonus of up to $2,000, VIP rakeback, and much more.

PokerKing logo
Winning Poker Network
50%+ rakeback Network's best skin
Deposit bonus $2,000
Rakeback up to 70%


CoinPoker is the largest cryptocurrency poker room in 2022. It hosts cash games up to nosebleeds games with Tony G and his friends in NLH, PLO, and the most exciting PLO5. This is a pure crypto room, but games are held in USDT (stablecoin). Coin Poker hosts weekly rake races for cash games and poker tournaments fans; our players get access to private promotions.

CoinPoker logo
Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus NA
Rakeback 15%

Pros and cons of playing at cryptocurrency poker sites

We highlight the following benefits of playing online poker with Bitcoin:

  • Payments are faster and cheaper

  • If you want to invest in cryptos, such sites are a perfect way to mix two passions

  • If you only want to play, some stablecoins can be easily exchanged for BTC or fiat currency

  • Games are usually softer as Bitcoin poker website serve gray markets

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to consider:

  • Volatility is a real risk; you can lose your profits at the tables with a sudden change in the Bitcoin rate

  • Usually, Bitcoin poker sites are unlicensed

  • Traffic tends to be lower on these sites

Are there any advantages to using Bitcoin for online poker?

Like any new technology, Bitcoin offers significant advantages for those who decide to embrace it.


Bitcoin is available worldwide. Although you need some technical knowledge to process BTC transactions, exchanges are working daily to make their products more user-friendly, but all of this compensates with the possibility of receiving almost immediate transactions from anywhere.


Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. If a poker room runs games entirely in cryptocurrencies (deposits + games are held in BTC or similar), you can bet that games will be anonymous.

Usually, BTC online poker sites only ask for an email to play, no other data is asked, and nicknames can be changed (or new accounts can be created).

Please note that this applies only to pure crypto poker rooms. Sites like GGNetwork, which accepts Bitcoin, ask high rollers to disclose their identity. Others like WPN have privacy as a top priority and won't reveal your identity to anyone. Nevertheless, if the site is 100% crypto, you don't need to worry about this.

Fast payments and lower fees

With Bitcoin, you can send hundreds of thousands of dollars in seconds, paying minimal transaction fees. Even some exchanges run promotions like "trade Bitcoin for free." Another great feature is the possibility to exchange BTC for any other crypto, including stablecoins, to save your bank from volatility.

Easier Games

Bitcoin Poker isn't massively popular. Only fans, crypto users, and players from restricted countries (primarily amateurs) play online poker with Bitcoin; hence the fish/pro ratio is very attractive.


Volatility can be your friend or your worst enemy. The Bitcoin price can go up or down like any regular stock. You can protect against this by using stablecoins, but it's essential to be aware of this situation that can affect your bankroll. If you don't invest in crypto, there is no need to be exposed to such risk.

How to play online poker using BTC

A step-by-step guide to starting playing cryptocurrency poker.

Where to get and exchange BTC for cash

BTC is a digital currency that is being added to several businesses worldwide, but still, you cannot take a Bitcoin and put it in your pocket. You don't need to worry; getting and exchanging BTC for real money is effortless, and there are many options available nowadays, including sites that give debit cards to withdraw from an ATM.

Our customers use the following exchanges/services with good results:

  • Binance.

  • Localbitcoins.

  • Ledger

A summarized process would be as follows:

  1. Create an account on a trusted cryptocurrency wallet (Binance, for example)

  2. Verify your account (usually, you'll need to send your ID and copy of a utility bill)

  3. Purchase Bitcoins (or receive them from another person)

  4. Get your Bitcoin address or the one needed to deposit (which will look like a hieroglyphic with many numbers and letters)

  5. Receive and send payments through BTC address (always copy/paste addresses, after you see the first one, you'll understand why. It's effortless to make mistakes if you transcribe it)

  6. Exchange BTC for cash

Our VIP players also access an exchange group where you can swap Skrill, Neteller, or other currencies for cryptos.

How to deposit and withdraw BTC for online poker rooms

After you have your Bitcoin wallet set, then the process to deposit into an online poker room will be as follows:

  1. Visit the cashier and click on the Bitcoin logo;

  2. Enter the amount you will deposit. If the games are offered in USD/EUR, the rate will be locked for some time;

  3. You'll get a unique BTC address where you need to send the balance from your wallet;

  4. After sending the Bitcoins, your account will be credited after one confirmation on the network, usually less than 30 minutes;

  5. To withdraw, you'll need to enter your BTC address in the cashier and request the payment. The rate will also be locked, and the poker rooms tend to process crypto payments quickly to avoid volatility losses.

What Is Bitcoin?

bitcoin In short, a Bitcoin is a piece of software (or computer file) that can be transacted among different people using a P2P (peer-to-peer) protocol. All the transactions are processed (and recorded) using a blockchain, a public list where all the Bitcoin trades are stored.

The Bitcoin rate is not fixed and constantly changes (you can check trusted exchanges like Bitstamp to see the current price) just like any other fiat currency.

You have probably heard the term "e-wallet," a popular product by poker players. To pay and get paid with Bitcoin, you'll also need an e-wallet, a virtual site where your balance in Bitcoins will be stored. The process is simple, and we will explain it in detail later.

Instead of sending dollars or euros, you'll be sending Bitcoins (or fractions of them), and such balance can be exchanged later for fiat money (bills or coins).

Blockchain and cryptocurrency for online poker

Blockchain has been used in two ways in the online poker industry:

  1. To develop new RNG technologies

  2. To process deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies

The first one is a complex technological development, and we'd only say it is a significant advance that makes the game safer. 

Many poker rooms, especially those working in the US, China, or so-called "gray markets," have added Bitcoin to their cashiers. Why? Because BTC transactions are safe, fast, cheap, and anonymous.

Conclusion: which crypto poker room to choose?

We could use an easy answer: choose the crypto poker site with more trustability. However, this isn't an easy task because unlicensed sites with no background are the rule in this market. We have reviewed the market to handle this risk.

Here are some tips:

Do you need to play online poker in Bitcoins, or just deposit and withdraw via crypto? According to his, you can choose a room like CoinPoker (100% crypto room) or GGPoker (a crypto-friendly site with games in USD)

Are you looking for casual games or need massive traffic? Smaller rooms are friendlier for recreational games

What's the background of the poker room? Use our reviews to learn before depositing.

FAQ of Bitcoin Online Poker

✅ Is Bitcoin poker legal?

This is a complex question. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, and no central bank back it. In theory, it should not be legal or illegal. However, many countries decided to regulate crypto assets after the massive rise in the exchange rate. Therefore, you should check with the local authorities whether Bitcoin is legal or not in your country or if you need to pay gambling taxes.

✅ Are poker sites that accept crypto legal?

There's only one licensed crypto poker room (Virtue Poker). All others are unlicensed. However, this is a common situation in the industry. Not good, but expected. However, BTC and cryptos are new products, and regulations tend to delay, so this doesn't mean Bitcoin poker is unsafe.

✅ Is Bitcoin poker safe?

As a general rule, yes, Bitcoin is safe. However, many parts are involved: poker rooms, exchanges, P2P transfers, etc. You should always be cautious with your information, save your passwords in a secure location and use 2FA protocols.

✅ How do I play online poker with Bitcoins?

If you want to play with Bitcoins directly, your only option is to choose a cryptopoker room like CoinPoker to grind. However, if you only want to deposit and withdraw via BTC, you have better options like GG or WPN.

✅ What's the biggest bitcoin poker site?

GGPoker is undoubtedly the largest poker site processing payments with Bitcoins. Unfortunately for pure BTC sites, those have never become trending and feature low but soft traffic.

✅ Does PokerStars accept Bitcoin?

No, and we don't think they have to add BTC to their cashier as a priority in the future.

✅ How to cash out from a poker site with BTC

Withdrawing to BTC isn't different from any other method. Head to the cashier, enter your wallet address (there are different BTC protocols, ensure the poker room is compatible with the one you use) and the desired amount, and hit withdraw.

Poker sites tend to process BTC withdrawals fast to avoid volatility.

Be aware that some sites may set higher minimum withdrawal limits for BTC transfers.

✅ How soft are bitcoin poker rooms?

Our scouts agree that BTC poker rooms are way softer than regular sites.

✅ Is Bitcoin poker better than regular online poker?

Not necessarily better, but different, as it involves new technologies, inviting a broader audience to the tables.


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