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Cryptocurrencies came to the poker world to stay. Particularly stablecoins, as they are a perfect solution for depositing and withdrawing without being exposed to market fluctuations. This article will study how to play poker with USD Coin (USDC).

Best Poker Rooms That Accept Usdc


Stablecoins are an ideal solution for many industries that process digital payments, including online poker. Because of this, many grinders have incorporated assets such as USD Coin (USDC) into their portfolio. This coin, issued by Circle based on the Ethereum ERC20 protocol, guarantees that each cryptocurrency is backed by actual dollars. Then, 1 USDC will always be worth 1 dollar.

The USD Coin (USDC) is a TOP10 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, accompanied in this ranking by USDT Tether; we can conclude that both have great acceptance.

Best poker sites that accept USDC

Below, you can find a list of the most profitable and safe USDC poker sites on the market:


The world's largest online poker site processes deposits and withdrawals with USDC. At GGPoker, you will receive an excellent 100% welcome bonus of up to $600 for your first deposit in USD Coin, which will give you access to tables 24/7 across all formats, including tournaments in partnership with the WSOP that will allow you to win a golden bracelet online.

Ggpoker Logo
GG Network
  • Bitcoins accepted
100% up to $600
up to 60%


At BetOnline Poker of the Chico Network, you can play games against American fans; the cashier can load and pay money with USDC with a few clicks. In addition to cash tables up to $1k, the tournament grid and the SnGs are some of the best on the market.

Betonline Poker Logo
Chico Poker Network
  • Bitcoins accepted
100% up to $1,000

RedStar Poker

RedStar Poker is an excellent option to join the iPoker network tables using the USDC cryptocurrency. This European network is now ranked at the TOP5 globally and has cash games, Spin&Go, and tournaments 24/7.

Redstar Poker Logo
iPoker Network
  • Network's best skin
  • Bitcoins accepted
200% up to €2,000
up to 45%

WPT Global

WPT Global has been cryptocurrency-friendly since its opening. This has allowed them to attract USDC fans to the Asian-crowded tables. The commissions are low, and the software is state-of-the-art because it automatically balances the tables between recreational and professional.

Wptglobal Logo White
WPT Global
  • Bitcoins accepted
100% up to $1,200

What is USD Coin?

The USD Coin, better known as USDC, is a stable cryptocurrency or stablecoin developed by the Center consortium (Coinbase, Circle) in 2018. Each USDC is theoretically backed by a physical dollar. In the crypto world, the USDC has an excellent reputation and is considered the safest stablecoin on the market because the companies responsible for its management and development are audited and have operating licenses in countries like the United States.

USDC's reserves are audited monthly, and some are held in investment funds like BlackRock. Apart from the ERC-20 protocol, which is usually somewhat expensive, USDC is compatible with other networks such as Polygon.

To date, for many, USDC is a store of value, and many poker players keep a fraction of their bankroll in this crypto asset, so, conveniently, the rooms are compatible with it.

USDC poker sites vs Fiat poker sites

Considering that the USDC is a stable cryptocurrency and its price is always 1 dollar, only a room needs to integrate the necessary technology to enable deposits and withdrawals.


Only legal exchanges and poker rooms will verify your documents; user transactions are anonymous and 100% traceable on the blockchain, so you won't have to share your personal data to send or receive money.

Global Availability

You can send money anywhere in the world through USDC, with lower fees than traditional banks, and in a few seconds.


USDC is a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar, 1 USDC = 1 USD. This has made it an ideal way to manage the bankroll to play poker because it is still available in the crypto world but is not exposed to the variations of other currencies, such as ETH.


When using the ERC-20 network, sometimes, due to the congestion, the commissions to send USDC can be quite high, becoming a negative point for the cryptocurrency.


The only controversy of USDC was when it temporarily lost parity with the dollar in March 2023 due to the collapse of a bank in Silicon Valley, although it quickly recovered. We can say that USD Coin has been well managed by both the community and its developers.


For some users faithful to the principle of decentralization of cryptocurrencies, the fact that USDC is issued and controlled by a single entity, Circle, is controversial because this implies trusting in the good procedure of said company to manage its assets. For other users, it is enough that they are audited by external parties.


The original USDC token was developed on the Ethereum ERC-20 platform, although over time, it has been expanding (and there are plans to add more) to other networks such as Polygon or NEAR.

Whenever you send USDC, you should select the appropriate currency and protocol to avoid losing money (USDC ERC20, for example).

How do we select the best USDC poker room?

True to our philosophy that players should only worry about playing poker, our cryptocurrency experts studied the market to select the best USDC-friendly rooms and include them in our list. We took into account the following aspects:

  1. Security: The main priority is keeping players' funds safe. The rooms we recommend are either licensed or have an extensive background that supports their operation
  2. Traffic: Depositing with USDC should be synonymous with good tables 24/7, which is why we make sure that the traffic is enough to play tournaments and cash tables
  3. Promotions: The great boom of poker has led to players today enjoying great promotions for depositing and playing in different rooms. By playing with USD Coin, you will have access to the same or even better promos
  4. Fees: Rooms should not charge additional fees for processing payments with USDC. We make sure that the cashier does not make excessive charges

Can I trust USDC Poker sites?

Remember that cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous, which, unfortunately, has allowed some scammers to make their own. However, playing in reliable USDC-operated rooms is perfectly safe if you take the appropriate security measures. You must do your own research (DYOR), verify the operation of the poker site, and have your data secure on the exchanges, among others.

Our job as affiliates is to make all the necessary verifications for you to play poker with USDC 100% safely.

How to start playing poker with USDC?

The first thing is to have a balance in USDC. If you are already an advanced user of cryptocurrencies, indeed, you already have this coin in your investment portfolio, but if you just want to migrate your bankroll to crypto assets, you should create an account on a secure exchange and buy USDC. This process is straightforward since USD Coin is one of the most accepted currencies; you will have no problems converting fiat money to USDC and vice versa.

When you choose a room from our list, you must go to the cashier and select USDC as the deposit method. An address will be generated to which you should send your assets, taking great care to copy and paste and verify the protocol (usually ERC20) before sending.

The games are usually not in USDC but in regular dollars, so you will not feel any change, considering that both currencies have the same value.

Other cryptocurrencies

Many poker players have migrated their bankroll to cryptocurrencies, then the rooms have reacted to this by adding various currencies to their cashiers, among these:


Managing money in crypto-assets is a great alternative for many online poker players, especially when exposing yourself to the risk of volatility is unnecessary. Therefore, it is only logical that more and more rooms include stablecoins such as USDC in the cashier.

With our help, you can go from having money in your pocket to playing online poker at the best sites with USDC in record time.

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