Brazilian Ramon "PORKNOMAR" Kropmanns wins The Venom $8M GTD


Yesterday, another edition of the flagship tournament of the US-friendly poker site Winning Poker Network (WPN) — The Venom $8M — came to an end. The event raised $9,435,000 and failed to set a new record. First place was taken by Brazilian Ramon "PORKNOMAR" Kropmanns, who received $1,113,330.


No record. Why?

For the first time in its one and a half year history, The Venom tournament failed to break a record for events on poker sites that welcome Americans. Yes, the eight million dollar guarantee was covered, but it was not enough to reach The Venom $7M GTD mark. Why did this happen?

The Venom $8,000,000 GTD was announced only two months ago, and satellites were launched only in early January. It was because of such a short period of qualifying tournaments that the new Venom could not break the 10 million dollar mark.

As a result, the event collected the following number of entries:

  • Day 1A - 503.
  • Day 1B - 928 
  • Day 1C - 742 
  • Day 1D - 1.601

The Venom $8M GTD had 3,774 entries and a $9,345,000 prize pool.

Final Table

The Venom $8M GTD Final Table

Two Brazilians were at the top of the chip count — they were the ones who set the tone for the last day of game, as they knocked out all their opponents and reached the heads-up.

Players left the final table in the following order:

  1. Yiannis "GreekerFreaker" Liperis (Cypriot, resident in the UK), eliminated with an all-in preflop AJ vs. 66. Prize — $70,762.
  2. Alexandre "Pl3aseMuck" Fortin-Demers (Canada) shoved his short stack with 66 and lost to KJ suited. Prize — $89,632.
  3. Diego "GORDONITO" Bittar, he was the shortest stack of all Brazilians and the strongest regular (over $6M in prizes), and was able to double twice but was eliminated in the 6th place when he decided to 3-bet all-in over 20bb from the button with K9s and lost to pocket queens. Prize — $121,711.
  4. "Ninjaman100" — an unknown Lebanese who was very careful, but after an hour and half of playing decided to attack the chip leader with a re-raise with AQ, but lost to KK. Prize — $217,005.
  5. Artem "Ha190000" Koryakovtsev, the first Russian player ever to reach The Venom's final table, lost his 6bb stack with AJ vs. AT. Prize — $382,117
  6. Michael "geNet1x" Cannon, the only US representative, could not resist AA vs. KJ. Prize — $612,331.

The Brazilian heads-up

The Venom $8M GTD Final Hand

Deep stacks in the heads-up game (100bb and 85bb) resulted in two Latinos playing against each other for more than one hour.

And even the final hand, AJ vs. JJ, involved a minimum stack of 25bb. As a result, the finalist whose biggest profit on WPN was $113k and TOP3 Brazilian player (over $9M in online winnings), Yuri "SmashedAvocado" Martins, finished second and took $849,150 for himself.

The winner of The Venom $8M GTD was Brazilian reg Ramon "PORKNOMAR" Kropmanns, who earned $1,113,330.

Six years ago, Ramon played $2.2 tournaments at PokerStars, and now he won more than one million dollars.

Final table video:

What's next?

If Winning Poker Network does not deviate from its tradition, then:

The next The Venom will take place in the summer of 2021. And after two events that collected more than 9 million in prizes, players can expect the next event to have a $10,000,000 guarantee.

This milestone is quite real if the network announces the tournament 3-4 months in advance and then add the regular grid of satellites to its rooms. In the spring of 2021, we will see how accurate this forecast is.

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