Bryn Kenney has left the GGPoker team


Bryn Kenney, the most profitable tournament player in the world, is no longer a member of GGPoker Team Pro. Why did this happen? We will try to analyze today.


Big changes to the GGPoker Network team

About a month ago, GGPoker started redesigning its team pro. The most notable change was the creation of GGSquad, with Kevin Martin at the helm and other streamers. Two new tiers were also created: GGHeroes and GGCrew.

The first known member of the team, Bryn Kenney, who joined GGPoker in 2018, moved to GGHeroes with Daniel Negreanu, Bertrand Grospellier, and Fedor Holz.

But recently, his page and picture were removed from the GGPoker site (although his face is still on the client loading screen).

There were no official comments on this matter. Besides the website changes, Kenney's departure was confirmed by its representative to the F5 Poker site. The statement was limited to "wishing him all the best in the future," without giving reasons for the sudden change.

Did Bryn Kenney retire from poker?

No site would break a contract with a player like Kenney without a good reason. As a reminder, he is ranked #1 in the world in terms of live tournament profits with $54,403,506. But this year, he has walked away from the tables:

  • According to Sharkscope, the last time Bryn played tournaments on his network was in July; hence he completely missed WSOP Online.
  • He has not been active on social networks for over six months.

A hint of what is happening with Bryn is in his interview after playing Triton Million, when he was asked for plans:

"I would say my next plan is more involved on the business side of things because you know I have a lot of interest in doing a lot of good in the world so you know just with money that you make from poker, that's why I've always seen it as like a stepping stone kind of. Now I've hit the plateau of where I wanted to go in poker and now, I want to compete in the next level."

In short, the player is increasingly moving away from poker and devoting himself to other things, and apparently, GGNetwork doesn't need such an ambassador, no matter how cool his past achievements are. Kenney's "divorce" from GGPoker most likely resulted from the actual end of his poker career.

We wish him success in his life after poker.

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