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C$ at GGPoker: What are they?

Author: Vargoso Published: 06.01.21

GGPoker launched a new currency in January 2021 — Cash Game Dollars (C$). In this article, we will tell you all you need to know how: to get them, how to use them, and most importantly, how to withdraw C$.

C$ at GGPoker: What are they?

Getting started with Cash Dollars

A new currency — C$ (Cash Dollars), was added to GGPoker Network (GGPoker, Natural8) in late November 2020, but no details were known about getting it and how to use it. However, the site shared all the information with the new year.

From January 2021, all daily cash races at GGPoker will be paid in Cash Game Dollars (C$).

Hence, many players have questions about what to do with this currency and the basics of its operation. Why have all leaderboards been switched to C$? We will try to answer all these and other questions.

How can I check my C$ balance?

Its value is indicated at the cashier under the balance in real dollars. All transactions of this currency can be tracked in the client under the "My Page" area (you can enter by clicking on the avatar in the lobby) in the C$ History line.

How to earn Cash Dollars?

Like tournament dollars, you can get this internal currency as prize money for participating in several poker room promotions. It is impossible to win C$ at the tables, even if villains are using it.

How to use C$ while playing?

Buy-In with cash dollars

When sitting at a table, cash dollars are used by default. If the balance is not enough to process the purchase, then funds from the real balance will be used. If desired, the player may not use C$ at all.

How do I spend or transfer C$?

You cannot directly convert this currency to another. Cash dollars will be spent as follow:

  • To pay rake and jackpot fees.
  • If you lose a hand, C$ will be discounted. If the player wins the pot, then all of his cash dollars will be returned to the account, minus commissions.

If you won someone else's C$, they will be added to your balance as real money.

Cash Game Dollars (C$) at GGPoker allow you not to spend your money to pay commissions of the room and win real money at the tables.

Why were cash dollars launched?

For casual players, cash dollars will be just another number in the cashier. However, it is clear that top-ranked regular grinders will be the most affected by the C$ launch. 

Now they will be unable to immediately withdraw funds won at the leaderboards: they will need to "clear" cash dollars by playing.

C$ should be a tool to stimulate the game at cash tables and prevent "cleaning out" bonus money from the poker ecosystem.

Considering that currently there is an incredible cash game traffic (now it is 50% of PokerStars), and the promotions prize pool exceeds $6M in January, GGPoker can afford such experiments. Any decline in its popularity should not be expected.

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