GGPoker is ending all affiliate rake races


GGPoker, the flagship skin of the so-called "world's largest poker network," is taking a new approach for working with affiliates. From now on, they won't share any detailed players' rake data; hence rake races cannot be hosted anymore.


No more affiliate rake races at GGPoker

Although this can be called just as "another poker room taking the anti-rakeback path," when a TOP3 site decides to change the terms, it results in a lot of noise. Recently, GGPoker decided to kill affiliate rake races:

Starting February 1, 2022, GGPoker pushes the recreational model, and all new and old players won't have access to any affiliate rake race.

The path is clear. First, GGPoker prohibited all direct rakeback, switching to a rake chase model; then, rake chases were banned, and only rake races were allowed. Now everything is forbidden. Please note that all in-house promotions like welcome bonuses, jackpots, Fish Buffet won't experience any change.

Many rooms have tried to get rid of rakeback in the past; we all know that PokerStars lost the throne and had to relaunch RB after many years.

What's next?

The only change for players is they won't receive any extra money for registering with an affiliate. Without detailed rake information, it's impossible to offer any promotion. It's unclear whether this is a permanent or a temporary decision; we will keep you posted with any changes.

We hope GGPoker boosts the prize pools of the monthly promotions, so players don't miss this extra income.


✅ Why is GGPoker ending all affiliate rake races?

This is just another step towards a friendlier environment for casual players. Regs shouldn't be surprised as the site set this policy long ago.

✅ Do you still recommend playing at GGPoker?

Absolutely. Honestly, affiliate promotions were minimal, and payouts were processed in C$. The site still features massive traffic and decent in-app bonuses for everyone.

✅ Will rake races return in the future?

Although we cannot see the future, such promotions probably won't come back.

✅ Will traffic sink due to this?

Most likely no; there were not many affiliate rake races before this decision, only a tiny fraction of players are affected.

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