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GGPoker still clashes with PokerStars for the title of the world's largest poker site. Thanks to this, the players are being rewarded with enormous promotions run by both poker rooms that make constant changes to attract amateurs and professionals to the tables. This article will update you about the latest news on the most famous GGPoker promotion: Fish Buffet loyalty program.


What is Fish Buffet?

Fish Buffet is the GGPoker loyalty program. It features a multitiered structure giving up to 60% average cashback. After many changes, the current structure is a follow:

  • 25 ranks (named as metals, bronze, silver, gold, platinum).
  • 8 levels (from a small goldfish to a shark).
  • 1 level with no time limit (Platinum Fish).
  • 4 yearly ranks (Platinum Octopus, Platinum Whale, Platinum Shark, GGPlatinum).

All players earn Fish Buffet Points (FP) by playing poker (no matter the game type) and casino:

  • On average, 100 FP are rewarded for every $1 paid in rake (real money cash games and tournaments)*
  • From $0.67 (Casino Poker) to $16.67 (Blackjack) wager amount required to get 1 FP in casino games.

Please note that Fish Buffet is different from all other promotions of the site (deposit bonus, rake races, leaderboards, etc.).

Of course, we are mainly interested in the online poker scenario, which, unfortunately for regs, uses a tricky formula based on PVI rake. Bear in mind you cannot control PVI, nor will the site give you more details about it, we suggest not overthink this matter.

PVI rake and Fish Buffet

The Player Value Index (PVI) plays an important role in FB (let's recall that this is how GGPoker distributes the rake paid at the cash game tables and tournaments). The key here is the word "average." According to the poker room, the number of points can change according to the games played, player behavior, play style, deposit history, withdrawals, etc.

In other words, in theory, you should get 100 points for every $1 paid in rake, but due to PVI, you can be getting 50 points or 30 points, according to your skill and behavior at the tables.

Overall, a winning player crushing the tables will get fewer FP compared to a casual player. However, in the long term, hardcore players will be able to reach the highest statuses, but it remains unclear how much rake they actually paid to get there.

Fish Buffet over time

The original Fish Buffet has changed a lot. Let's highlight the most important updates:

In September 2020, GGPoker introduced Black ranks (yearly levels with flat cashback), included casino bets towards the rewards program, and boosted the maximum average rakeback to 60%.

After a massive influx of players (WSOP Online series in March 2021), GGPoker rolled out the new Fish Buffet rewards system. Black Levels changed to Platinum, requirements for leveling up lowered, and the rewards via the wheel were boosted.

Right now, GG Poker rewards hardcore grinders with up to 60% average rakeback and gives the possibility to switch between a fixed cashback or spinning the wheel for random higher cash prizes, although it sticks to a complex structure with over 20 ranks.

Changes overview

Let's highlight the significant changes between the old and new Fish Buffet cash rewards:

  • From six to one "Shark" level.
  • From Black to Platinum ranks.
  • Introduction of annual levels.
  • Introduction of fixed rakeback ranks.
  • A more fractional step of average rakeback.
  • In general, more Fish Points are needed to climb higher ranks.

Overall, GGPoker has tried to please all players: casual players definitely enjoy spinning the wheel while regs can get fixed rakeback even from the beginning.

What are the current levels and probabilities in Fish Buffet?

You can see all the new GGPoker Fish Buffet ranks, levels, FP requirements, and payouts in the following table, compared to the previous version:

New and old one GG Poker network Fish Buffet program comparisons

From the table, we can highlight the following data:

  • You can get a 20% flat cashback with no fish points requirement, ideal for low-stakes grinders.
  • After reaching Whale level, a complex journey will begin, getting only 1% more cashback for climbing every rank (10 in total, 120,000 FP required or $1,2k net rake).
  • You need to rush to climb the first levels due to the lowered timeframe (15 days).

Another essential factor is probabilities. Only Platinum levels give flat cashback (more on this later). But all other ranks give a chance to spin the fish buffet wheel and get random prizes (although the site still announces an average rakeback for each status).

FB Return %


Gold 1
1,000 in 10,000
1,700 in 10,000
1,700 in 10,000
1,800 in 10,000
1,800 in 10,000

2,000 in 10,000

Gold 2
1,070 in 10,000
1,765 in 10,000
1,710 in 10,000
1,770 in 10,000
1,785 in 10,000

1,900 in 10,000

Gold 3
1,130 in 10,000
1,810 in 10,000
1,751 in 10,000
1,760 in 10,000
1,749 in 10,000

1,800 in 10,000

Silver 1
1,200 in 10,000
1,840 in 10,000
1,801 in 10,000
1,740 in 10,000
1,719 in 10,000

1,700 in 10,000

Silver 2
1,260 in 10,000
1,900 in 10,000
1,839 in 10,000
1,700 in 10,000
1,701 in 10,000

1,600 in 10,000

Silver 3
1,350 in 10,000
1,920 in 10,000
1,859 in 10,000
1,700 in 10,000
1,671 in 10,000

1,500 in 10,000

Bronze 1
1,440 in 10,000
1,940 in 10,000
1,879 in 10,000
1,700 in 10,000
1,641 in 10,000

1,400 in 10,000

Bronze 2
1,450 in 10,000
1,990 in 10,000
1,999 in 10,000
1,680 in 10,000
1,581 in 10,000

1,300 in 10,000

Bronze 3
1,495 in 10,000
2,050 in 10,000
2,050 in 10,000
1,660 in 10,000
1,545 in 10,000

1,200 in 10,000

FB Return %


1,000 in 10,000
1,000 in 10,000
1,000 in 10,000
2,400 in 10,000
2,800 in 10,000

1,800 in 10,000

Now let's study the data:

The higher the level, the higher the probability of hitting a 100% rakeback.

Most of the time, you will be getting a 25%-40% return.

The wheel will be spun for you automatically after 30 days.

We can compare spinning the wheel to a lottery ticket. On average, you will have a 13% chance (16% after reaching Whale) of getting a 100% cashback.

All you need to know about Platinum Ranks

Platinum ranks offers

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of FishBuffet is Platinum ranks:

  • Weekly "fixed" cashback from 20% to 60% (no more spins).
  • New highest tier called "GGPlatinum."
  • Switching between Platinum and Fish ranks is possible.
  • After switching to a Platinum rank, any unopened wheels will be credited automatically.

How to get a Platinum rank?

New ranks were added after the latest Fish Buffet update. The required points for each tier are as follows:

Platinum RankTimeFPs to renewFPs to reach
The Platinum
1 year
Platinum Shark
1 year
Platinum Whale
1 year
Platinum Octopus
1 year
Platinum Fish

Please note that you will require fewer FPs to renew a Platinum level than climbing to it (for example, 3,000,000 are required to be a Platinum Whale, but only 1,500,000 to renew it).

How to switch from Platinum ranks?

However, many players (even from online poker) like the possibility of having a random big prize (this also made Spin&Go very popular). Hence, after reaching a Platinum level, you can switch to any lower level/rank to spin the wheel.

how to switch from platinum ranks to fish buffet

To do this, go to Profile > Rewards Program > Switch.

If you regret it, no worries, you can switch back to Platinum level in the same section, clicking the "Switch to Fish Buffet" button. Two restrictions apply: The new rank starts with 0FP; you won't be able to switch back to a Platinum rank during the time limit set for each level.

Final thoughts

The new Fish Buffet rewards all GGPoker players; although the percentage is not fixed (even in Platinum ranks due to PVI rake), you will definitely get some extra cash after reaching every level. All you can do is enjoy the ride and decide whether you prefer a fixed rakeback system or try your luck spinning the wheel.

Overall, online poker is a better place for everyone after introducing amateur-friendly policies like the ones implemented by GG Poker in their rakeback system.

Advantages of our affiliate service:

  • Private promotions and tournament tickets in our Telegram channel;

  • Professional support on all issues seven days a week.

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