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Jason Koon is the High Stakes Duel 3 champion


PokerGO confirmed that Jason Koon won the High Stakes Duel 3 after no one challenged him to play for $1.6M. In this article, we share all the details of the event.


Jason Koon keeps the belt

The American high roller and GGPoker Global Ambassador Jason Koon was crowned High Stakes Duel III champion. He defeated Phill Hellmuth in round 5.

After Hellmuth refused the rematch, according to the rules, anyone could challenge Koon to play for the title by posting the $1.6M for 30 days. Some reports said that Wiktor Malinowsky would play against Koon (he even confirmed via Twitter), but in the end, he said, "it didn't work out." Eventually, no one stepped in, giving Jason the belt and the prize.

Season III of the High Stakes Duel was as follows:

  • Round 1: Phil Hellmuth vs. Nick Wright ($100,000)
  • Phil Hellmuth vs. Tom Dwan (rounds 2 and 3, $200,000 and $400,000, respectively)
  • Round 4: Phil Hellmuth vs. Scott Seiver ($800,000)
  • Round 5: Phil Hellmuth vs. Jason Koon ($1,600,000)

Let's recall that Phil Hellmuth still holds an impressive record on the High Stakes Duel of 9 victories and only 2 losses (before Koon, Tom Dwan defeated Phil in the same season III). Season III also set a prize pool record in the Duel's history because previous matches ended in the $400,000 game.

We are waiting for High Stakes Duel IV, starting with the $50,000 match and Koon acting as the defending champ.

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