Leon Tsoukernik sues Facebook for $23,000,000


King's Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik has filed a $23,000,000 lawsuit against Facebook for advertising a scam casino under his brand. What can you expect from the "war" between the largest social network and a well-known businessman?


Advertising is the engine of progress?

Leon Tsoukernik is known to the poker world not only as a high-stakes gambler, welcome in any casino but also as the owner of one of the largest European casinos — King's Resort. Thanks to him, this company is a top gambling destination worldwide and, before the pandemic, for several years in a row, hosted major live series, including WSOP Europe.

This spring, it became known that fraudsters had an eye on this brand. In March, they posted ads on Facebook for a particular online casino, "Kings," with the slogans "The best Czech casino is now online"! and "We will give 3,000 korunas to all new players!" against the background of a photo of the resort itself:

Face advertisement on Facebook with King's Casino

Apparently, the social network did not apply any measures to the attackers because of Kings-Resort.com website was obliged to place news:

"Beware of fraud! An ad for an online casino app disguised as King's! You may have seen an advertising link with a photo of the entrance to Rozvadov King's, encouraging you to play at such a site. Please note this is a scam, we have nothing to do with this ad!"

But Tsoukernik's team did not limit himself to just a warning.

Lawsuit against Facebook for half a billion Czech korunas

Yesterday, several Internet portals, as well as the official casino account on Twitter, reported that the story with the scam casino advertisement continues because FB does not respond in any way to requests to remove illegal ads:

King's Resort sues Facebook

The businessman's lawyers appealed to the court in early April. It took them seven pages to describe all of their claims to the social network.

What surprises Leon most, in this case, is that when King's launched its Facebook ad two years ago, they were required to submit all the trademark paperwork and license. How, then, could the scammers pass such a check?

What's next?

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of false advertising on Facebook, but no one has ever tried to make Zuckerberg pay for it. From all sides in this story, Leon is right, and it is his legal right to seek compensation for damages, but whether he will be able to get the desired amount and when this can happen is unclear.

First of all, the position of the social network itself is unknown. Only after hearing the opinion of the other side of the case will it be possible to understand whether Tsoukernik will win his "biggest post" in life.

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