Limitless vs Stefan11222: Results of the first week


The first week of the Wiktor "Limitless" Malinowski vs. Stefan "Stefan11222" Burakov challenge had a clear winner. After 6,425 hands, the Belarusian lost $5507,070 (including the side bet).


Half a million in a week

The exciting HU battle between Wiktor Malinowski and Stefan Burakov threatens to become very short. The first week of the challenge included five sessions.

After 6,425 hands played, Stefan11222 is ahead by $557,070 (including the side bet).

Recall that under the terms of the match, it can end not only after 30k hands but also after one of the parties loses more than a million dollars. And if the game continues in the same style, Malinowski will be able to reach this milestone in a week. We all know how unpredictable high-stakes HU challenges can be; the course of this confrontation can change dramatically at any moment. A rematch is also included in terms of the battle.

Verbal fight

"Stefan11222," of course, is pleased with the results of his game against Limitless, so he does not miss any opportunity to troll Malinowski in his diary. After one of the sessions, he wrote the following on it:

"It was a difficult session because I hardly slept, and my head did not think at all. We can say that I randomly clicked the buttons today. But the beauty of playing with Wiktor is that even in this state it's very difficult to lose to him."

For Malinowski, the PokerStars chat was not enough, and he posted the following message on the wall of his opponent, which was quickly answered:


"Well, not everyone lives in Costa Rica's time. If you're so good, I offer to add extra 20k hands to our challenge. If you prefer higher stakes than now - I'm in."


"Why are you writing it here in such a way, as if we didn't discuss it in PM? Btw you're talking very politely at PM. Do you want to look like a bad boy in public? Wiktor, we all know you're a good boy!

Ok, I'll think about your offer, we're not in a hurry. I just can't understand what's the catch. That's really strange..."

How long will the match last?

Despite the current results, Limitless is offering Stefan11222 to play other 20k hands and even raise the stake; in other words, he behaves very arrogantly. Apparently, either Malinowski intends to show some other game, or the loss of six-figure sums is not critical for him. This gives confidence to all those who follow the challenge that it will go as long as possible and will give lots of action at the tables and poker forums.

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