Limitless vs. Stefan11222: A new HU challenge


Two famous poker players — Wiktor "Limitless" Malinowski and Stefan "Stefan11222" Burakov decided to play a public high-stakes HU match over 30,000 hands. Burakov is winning after 1,786 played in two sessions.


Limitless vs. Stefan11222: Who is the bigger fish?

Only days have passed since the completion of the Negreanu vs. Polk Challenge, and now two other famous players have decided to play another match — Wiktor "Limitless" Malinowski and Stefan "Stefan11222" Burakov. Moreover, both players warmed up their interest before the event's kick-off with a public discussion: who is the bigger fish?

Malinowski stated about the challenge:

I want to show everyone where Stefan is in the poker hierarchy. I think he is avoiding me, while still trashtalk on the PS chat, and not only there. Therefore, I challenge him.

On the other hand, Stefan honestly admitted that he began to play HU relatively recently (2 years) and was forced to do it when he started to grind high-stakes. He played 4-5 sessions against Wiktor and considered him an even weaker player than himself.

I have read Limitless comments. I didn't know I hurt his feelings. After our last session, when he busted his account in Stars, I waited for him the next day, he didn't write anything.

About the challenge, I don't understand why Wiktor pushes conditions that are convenient for him, and even saying that I am obliged to accept. I owe nothing to anyone. I no longer trust him. What does he have to lose if he has been reloading his Stars account for two years now?

According to the statement above, at first, "Stefan11222" refused Wiktor's terms and even accused him of lying about avoiding him to play, but suddenly on Saturday, February 6, both players announced their challenge and immediately rushed to the tables.

Challenge conditions

New avatar of Wiktor Malinowski for the HU Challenge

Both players agreed on the terms that Stefan offered:

  • Malinowski won't pay handicap but will put an avatar from the movie "Revolver " by Guy Ritchie during the game.
  • $50/$100 stake at PokerStars with an x2 site bet in Bitcoins.
  • 30,000 hands or loss of one of the participants over $1,000,000.
  • Stacks will be reloaded at will up to 150bb. The players can restart the timebank twice per session.
  • The entire challenge must be played before the beginning of the summer (June).
  • The loser will publicly recognize himself as a fish in Burakov's blog, congratulate the winner, and apologize for the disrespectful attitude. If "Stefan11222" wins, Wiktor must also admit that his opponent plays better than Fedor Holz.
  • Stefan agrees to a rematch if he wins.

Results of the first two sessions

Malinowski vs. Stefan 1rst session

So far, two sessions have been played, although very short. Both have been won by "Stefan11222" Burakov (the player shared his results from H2N, so the number must be divided by 2):

SessionHandsResults (H2N)Results (bb/100)

After 1,786 hands (6% of the total) played in the Malinowski vs. Stefan challenge, Burakov leads by $137,261.

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