MrBeast Wins $440K in Crazy Influencer High Stakes Game Featuring Hellmuth and Dwan


The YouTube superstar boasting 95 million subscribers was even flipping blind for $400K at the end, but it all worked out for him.


Star-Studded Field in $100/$200 NLHE Hustlers Game

Hustlers Casino started streaming their cash game action live last fall. Within a few months, they quickly became a prominent player in the YouTube poker content game. There is no doubt they really outdid themselves for this stream, with the concurrent viewership peaking at around 14,000 viewers.

The game was $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em. The table featured two bona fide poker greats, 16-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth and online poker legend Tom “durrrr” Dawn. The list of online superstars in the line-up included, among others, streamer Ninja, chess player and streamer Alexandra Botez, streamer Ludwig Ahgren, and YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson. MrBeast is perhaps the biggest name among them all, with nearly 95 million YouTube subscribers and over 350 million monthly views on his channel.

Poker YouTuber Joe Ingram, who recently ended his 10-month hiatus on social media, was there to provide commentary and conduct sideline interviews for the show.

Crazy Action in One of the Greatest Poker Streams Ever

The game was as splashy as one might have expected. MrBeast was driving most of the action, playing with a whopping 75% VPIP throughout the night. 

Hellmuth, however, didn’t get the best of it tonight. One of the most memorable hands of the night was when he got it all-in with pocket Jacks against Ninja. Hellmuth first read his opponent’s exact hand, pocket 7’s, before the cards were turned over, then flopped a set of Jacks. However, the board ended up running out a Broadway straight, so Ninja got away with a chop after being a 1% underdog on the flop…

Hustler Casino's Twitter account sharing one of the biggest hands of the night

Ninja was on the other end of a very similar hand right after the stream started, by the way. He got it all-in with pocket 8’s against Alan Keating’s AQ off-suit. His hand held until the turn, but the dealer put up another straight on the board with the river 5.

There was a bit of banter going back and forth between MrBeast and Hellmuth. However, the chat, who was probably less familiar with “the Poker Brat”, did not seem to appreciate Hellmuth’s antics. When Hellmuth lost a nearly $100K pot to MrBeast’s Q5, he went into one of his infamous rants.

Hustlers Casino's cheeky tweet about the hand between MrBeast and Hellmuth

Winners, Losers, Aftermath

So far, the response to the game seems to be outstanding online. The Hustler Casino Live channel on YouTube is now up more than 10,000 subscribers since Saturday.

As WPT Global General Manager Alex Scott pointed out, the game of poker likely just got exposed to many young, new potential players who are now eager to try it for themselves. Looking at Hellmuth’s lackluster performance, there may even be a little “Moneymaker effect” in play, with amateurs beating a seasoned poker champ.

Alex Scott's tweet about the live stream

With this, we’ve given away that Hellmuth ended the session in the red, losing around $96K. The other pro at the table, Tom Dwan, squeezed out a $27K victory. The biggest winner of the night has been chessmaster Alexandra Botez with a $456K win, but MrBeast is a close second with $440K in profit.


Alan Keating, an avid recreational high stakes player, accumulated an over $1 million loss. A big chunk of that came near the end of the stream when the players were playing in bloated bomb pots. A bomb pot is when all the players put in an agreed upon amount blindly, then they all see the flop, and the action starts then. You can try this fun gimmick on Winning Poker Network skins.


Keating went on to lose even more when he was playing blind $100K flips with MrBeast. The very last flip was for a cool $400K, where MrBeast ended up getting dealt pocket Kings…

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