Neymar won more than $300,000 at Hustler Casino Live


The famous Brazilian footballer Neymar became the main star of the Hustler Casino Live broadcast. After 6 hours of gaming, the player not only won more than $300,000, but he also won the biggest pot of the session—$360,000 to Alan Keating.

Brazialian Soccer Star Neymar Wins 300 K Hustler Casino Live

High stakes without professionals

The weekend of June 22-23, 2024, the first edition of the Hustler Casino Live with celebrities was held. There were no professional poker players at the table.

Although the $50/$100 bets made the maximum buy-in of $10,000, all the participants at the table brought much more money. The transmission even to the following stars:

  • Dan Bilzerian
  • Jimmy Butler, basketball player
  • Neymar, footballer
  • Tyler ”Ninja" Blevins, Fortnite's TOP streamer
  • Ryan Garcia and Chris Eubank, boxers
  • Alan Keating, a regular visitor of the HCL with VPIP over 80% and almost infinite bankroll

Of course, before the start of the game, many assumed that Bilzerian would bring the most action to the table.

Dan last played at Poker After Dark in 2021, and his appearance at the Hustler Casino was a big surprise. After leaving the GGPoker team and having many conflicts with other players, Bilzerian's figure became toxic for the American poker community. However, Neymar caught the most attention at the end of the six-hour game.

Neymar vs Keating

Keating Vs Neymar Hustler Casino Live

The most astonishing hand of the transmission was between Neymar and Alan Keating.
Four players clashed on the flop after a Keating raise. With the board 92Q, Alan made a continuation bet with his A4 diamond and flush project. There were two calls, from the Brazilian and from Blevins.

With the six of hearts on the turn, Keating made an overbet of $75k. This covered the entire stack of Neymar, who called the all-in with 95.

Both players agreed to play the hand twice, completing Keating's flush on one, for which they divided the pot. However, Alan put on quite a show.

Keating asked the dealer to show a new river five more times and bet from $50k to $75k, losing all five times by not getting another flush or an ace. In the end, Neymar won $360,000 on this hand.

Interestingly, the footballer, now at the Al-Hilal club in Saudi Arabia, earns more in a day's work ($414k) than in this game ($306k).

According to the results, Keating lost $478,850 (VPIP 90%), while Jimmy Butler won $123k. The basketball player posted a video on his Facebook page with large amounts of money.

Full stream:

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