Nikolay "badlucktou" Tulin won The Venom PKO $5M GTD


Last night (September 29, 2021), the winner of The Venom PKO $5M GTD was determined. It was the third such tournament in the history of the Winning Poker Network (WPN), and for the first time, the top prize was won by a player from Russia. Nikolay "badlucktou" Tulin received $716,097 in the first place.


Russian autumn

September 2021 has definitely entered the history of Russian online poker. The three largest tournaments of the year have been won by players from this country only this month!

  1. Aleksei «Fiat» Vandyshev, Main Event WSOP Online 2021 $20M GTD — $2,543,073.
  2. Sergey «CrazyLissy» Denisov, WCOOP 91-H: NLHE Main Event $10M GTD — $1,499,942.
  3. Anatoly Filatov, Main Event Super MILLION$ Week $5M GTD— $1,193,333.

And one more TOP event was conquered yesterday:

Nikolay "badlucktou" Tulin has won The Venom PKO $5M GTD at the Winning Poker Network (WPN) and received $716,097.

We'd like to remind you that this is the largest PKO event in the world. Although this time it could not break its own record in terms of the prize pool, it still remains one of the most recognizable tournament brands.

Regarding the victory of the Russian, it becomes twice as epic if you consider that Nikolay has qualified for this Venom via a $32 satellite (and not for the first time)!

Final table

The Venom $5M PKO final table

Obviously, there were many well-known players among more than two thousand participants of this $2,500 buy-in tournament. The network's ambassadors, Chris Moneymaker (32nd place) and Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet (55th place) were the most successful of them.

The TOP-8 of The Venom has traditionally been dominated by Brazilians and Americans, but the Russian has got into this company with the largest stack (68BB). The final game lasted only an hour and a half.

  1. «Wizazo» (USA) – despite having the third stack (40BB), he only lasted 5 minutes at the final table until his preflop all-in with KTs against Jeffrey "jumping gn" Reardon's pocket aces. After that, the Canadian became a chip leader.
  2. «Stackedbrightfutur» (USA) – being a short stack, he also had bad luck in a preflop all-in against the same Jeffrey. His QT flopped a queen, but an ace on the river gave the victory to AJ.
  3. Rafael «lampiao23» Furlanetto (Brazil) – knocked out by "YoAsakura" in the battle of the blinds (AQ < 76).
  4. «SirRunALot» (Brazil) — played a delayed all-in with 66, leaving 1.5BB in the stack after a big open-raise. Tulin decided to call this raise of the previously tight Brazilian with T9 of clubs and got a nine on the river.
  5. «Miral777» (USA) – like three players before him, he avoided the risk until his stack became very short and then gave his tournament destiny to chance. In the end, he lost with KT against Nikolay's Q7. And again, the river favored the Russian.
  6. «YoAsakura» (Germany) – when only 4 players left, he managed to win with 88 against Reardon's pocket kings, leaving the Canadian with only 7BB. But it didn't help the German reach heads-up because of the unlucky 3-way all-in (JJ vs. QK vs. QK), where a king appeared on the turn.

Heads Up

The Venom PKO Final hand

HU games rarely last long when one player has 6 times more chips than his opponent. In this case, the Canadian was able to hold against Nikolay Tulin for 20 minutes.

During this time, "jumping gn" managed to increase his stack by a third, but the eventual winner was decided by the following hand:

While being the preflop aggressor, Jeffrey Reardon bet two barrels and then went all-in on the 73JK9 board. The Russian called his bets on all streets and finally caught the opponent's bluff (gutshot) with two pairs.

Who is Nikolay Tulin?

Nikolay Tulin

The Russian is 27 years old; he is from Chelyabinsk, but, for example, in the spring of this year, he was in Mexico. He started playing online poker after he came of age. In the last two years, he has been seen at the live poker series in Sochi.

We were not able to find any information about Nikolay's major online wins, although it is known that he took part in the $500 buy-in WSOP Online and WCOOP events this year. At the WPN network, he played only 127 MTTs during 4 years, and many of them were satellites. As a result, the ticket won in one of them brought him more than 700 thousand dollars.

What's next?

The third edition of The Venom PKO was unable to continue the tradition of the first two events to increase the prize pool. It attracted just 2,321 entries and could only avoid an overlay on the last of Day 1's. The tournament total prize pool turned out to be $1,357,500 less compared to a similar event in May. This was the least amount since the launch of the Venom. 

This is an unpleasant call for the organizers, who have not changed anything regarding satellite structure and advertising since November 2020. So it is quite possible that next year The Venom PKO while keeping the same guarantee of $5M, may offer:

  1. More "Day 1".
  2. Revisited satellite structure.
  3. Earlier announcement of the event itself, along with the elder start of satellites.
  4. Only one such event per year, instead of two.

No matter what, the network will continue to delight its players with Venom tournaments. Currently, only a few events at just three of the top poker sites may be considered the competitors of Venom.

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