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Sergey "CrazyLissy" Denisov — WCOOP 2021 ME winner

Author: Vargoso Published: 16.09.21

On September 16, and after almost seven hours of battle at the final table, the winner of the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) anniversary edition was crowned. It was the Russian Sergey "CrazyLissy" Denisov; for the first place, he took home $1,499,942.

Sergey "CrazyLissy" Denisov — WCOOP 2021 ME winner

"Crazy" victory

The massive WCOOP 2021 main event is on the books now. A Russian player outlasted almost 1,500 players to win the $5,200 tournament:

Sergey "CrazyLissy" Denisov won $10M WCOOP 91-H: NLHE Main Event, receiving $1,449,942.

Although Sergey is an experienced tournament grinder, few people believed that he would achieve victory against such strong opponents, mainly because he qualified with the smallest stack of 17BBs.

"CrazyLissy" showed perseverance in the initial stage of the tournament — he made "only" three entries. In total, the event gathered who made 519 re-entries, resulting in a $175k overlay.

Final Table

WCOOP 2021 ME Final Table

As we said above, Denisov had the shortest stack and faced skilled rivals, the most famous one: Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger, the cash player of our time, who had 4th place in the chip count.

But the well-known Canadian player Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois dealt with the Swiss first, hitting him with KQ and eventually taking all his chips of Linus from A8 against AJ.

For Sergey, the decisive hands were the following:

  • Doubling up after an hour of very tight play (AA-TT)
  • Full house vs. flush against Lefrancois
  • Two big pots played over 5 minutes against the chip leader Stevan "random_chu" Chu (33-99 and AA-A2s)
  • Pocket jacks, two times against AK and AT of the Romanian "Rebel FishAK."

CrazyLissy vs LLinusLLove


"Pass_72" reached the heads-up against Denisov, with almost a two-fold advantage in chips. In the beginning, the Russian won a substantial hand after catching a deuce in an all-in flop A2-A8. After that, the fight for the first place went on for about an hour.

The most important hand for "CrazyLissy" faced his pocket tens vs. AK. After a ten came on the flop, the Canadian was lost. On the last hand, Denisov's opponent has less than 1BB left, and his QT lost to J6.

Other main events

Although all eyes were staring at the $5,200 Main Event, other MEs came to an end yesterday. Swedish players dominated both:

  • Medium (WCOOP-91-M $530): won by "festen x" from Sweden, winning $549k. The prize pool was $3,891,500 after collecting 7,783 entries.
  • Low (WCOOP-91-L $55), won by "pagan_junior" from Sweden, winning $180,176. 40,291 entries were collected to confirm a $2,014,500 prize pool.

Overall, WCOOP 2021 collected 1,428,869 entries with a massive prize pool of $122,340,165. Only the winners of all events took home over 18 million dollars.

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