PokerBros left Minnesota and was removed from the US App Store


In this article, we share an important update on terms of service of the PokerBros app that affects players living in Minnesota and a new restriction that was put in place for iOS users.


PokerBros removed from the US App Store

Update September 5, 2020:

PokerBros confirmed that its app was back in the US App Store:

PokerBros Back US

On August 28, 2020, the PokerBros team shared that the app was removed from the US Apple Store due to unexpected circumstances. Although they expect to be back online soon, todayIt, the situation remains.

PokerBros App Store US

An easy workaround was released on August 29, taking advantage of the enterprise App Store program, in which you are allowed to install apps outside the official store by installing a new profile. This was used by Chinese sites like PokerMaster a few years ago.

When you visit the official PokerBros website, you'll see an additional link that allows you to install the app on iOS. It is worth noting that existing players with the downloaded app can still log in as usual, as long as you don't live in Minnesota.

PokerBros left Minnesota

PokerBros No Service in Minnesota

At the same time, players reported another issue that seemed to affect not only iOS players but also Android: a message saying that due to local regulations, the app was unavailable, and they couldn't log in.

The PokerBros support team confirmed via Twitter that they had left the state of Minnesota in an unusual move as this particular state has not yet legalized/declared illegal online poker.

The terms and conditions of PokerBros are not yet up to date with this restriction, although it seems definitive.

PokerBros Left Minnesota


Is it safe for US-based players to install PokerBros on iOS?

It's always a risk to install apps outside the official store environment, and you should take risk into account. With that clear, PokerBros is one of the few apps that shows its RNG certificates, and as long as your play with a trusted affiliate and follow the rules, you won't face any problems.

Is this the end of PokerBros or club-based apps?

It's not. It won't be the first time someone has predicted the end of online poker after an adverse event. Poker is more alive than ever now. Even in the unlikely case that PokerBros shuts down, there are plenty of other options.

Who is affected by the latest changes to PokerBros?

Only new players using iOS and living in the US will need to download and install the PokerBros app outside the App Store.

Grinders living in the bread and butter state are no longer welcome at the tables.

Can I play PokerBros in the US?

Yes. Keep in mind that PokerBros doesn't offer real money games.

Are there alternatives to PokerBros for Minnesota residents?

Yes! Reach our team to find out our unique club-based app deal with top deal and chip guarantees:

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