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Skrill will update its VIP program

The famous payment processor Skrill announced the introduction of two new VIP statuses in its loyalty program, starting on November 3, 2020: "Skriller" and "Skriller Verified." The main advantage of these changes is that there will be no fee for internal transfers after meeting several conditions.

Skrill will update its VIP program

New VIP statuses in Skrill

At the end of 2019, Skrill launched a new loyalty program, Knect, which now operates outside the EU. For this year, the payment processor promised to renew its level system. The announced changes will only affect users who are not yet Silver.

Starting November 3, 2020, Skrill will eliminate the Bronze tier and add Skriller and Skriller Verified statuses.

Skriller will be the initial status and will be provided automatically after registration. It has an internal transfer fee of 2,99%, which is not higher than the fees that were set in April.

Skriller Verified

Skriller Verified will replace Bronze. You can get it by fulfilling three conditions:

  1. Fully verify your account. Keep in mind that since May 1, 2020, verification requires a real-time selfie;
  2. Top up your account (card or bank account);
  3. Install the Skrill mobile app and log in.

All eligible accounts will automatically get a new status.

The main advantage of the Skriller Verified status is that the fee for internal transfers will be reduced from 1,45% to 0%.

All higher statuses (Silver, Gold, and Diamond), won't change in any way. To learn more about our grinders offer on Skrill and Neteller, visit the following links:

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Vargoso 11.08.20
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