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GGpoker Spin&Gold: The Ultimate Guide

On February 28, 2020, after a complex update (+10 hours), a historic event took place in the Good Game Poker Network rooms. GGpoker finally launched Spin and Gold. This format is loved by both grinders and amateurs and has long been offered by all competitors.

GGpoker Spin&Gold: The Ultimate Guide

Spin & Gold: the most unusual spins in online poker

GG Poker is the last largest site to launch spins. This gave a unique opportunity to analyze all the twists proposed by its competitors and tailor a format that fits into the ecology agreement that distinguishes the network.

What is Spin & Gold on GGpoker?

In short, we could say that they are the same spins: 3-max hyper turbo SnG with random prizes according to a multiplier arrangement. But the devil is in the detail.

How to start playing?

The game has a new tab in the client lobby. The design is inspired as the entrance to a gold mine. There are six stakes to choose from: $0,25, $1, $3, $5, $20, and $50.

After choosing a buy-in, the player determines how many tournaments he wants to register at the same time (maximum 4). And then the first twist of this format is reveled: Insurance.

Spin & Gold Insurance

The Spin & Gold insurance must "protect" the player from losing the X2 multiplier; the price is a double fee for each tournament. If you choose insurance and a tournament with an X2 multiplier falls, the player gets back both the buy-in and the insurance, regardless of the final place in the tournament.

That is, the player freerolls the event. But, if you pay for the insurance and you get X3 or higher, the insurance burns out.

GGPoker Spin&Gold Lobby

You can play without insurance: for this, you must click on the corresponding button below the set of limits. In the image above, you can see another difference — the display of the number of players at each stake, which allows you to judge the traffic and choose the best time to play.

Spin&Gold: multipliers, probabilities, and payouts

What other information is essential for a grinder? In the following tables, we share all the numbers, and most importantly, how are these indicators compared with other poker rooms. We highlight that the three lowest multipliers match with the scheme that has become popular in other poker rooms: x2, x3, x5.

Multiplier GGPoker PokerStars* PartyPoker* Betfair Poker
х12,000 1* 1 1  
х240 30 30 30  
х120 75 75 75  
х25 1,000 1,000 1,000  
х10 5,000 5,000 5,000  
х5 85,000 85,000 85,000 95,340
х3 444,012 474,012 504,012 220,020
х2 464,882 434,882  404,882 644,120

*Per million tournaments. For partypoker and PokerStars, taking the probabilities of the $50 game.

According to this data, it's clear that GG based the multipliers on competitors, but the probability of X2 is higher compared to partypoker and PokerStars.

GGPoker Network has also expanded the payout area in which not only the winner of the tournament receives prizes. With X2—X5, the entire pool goes to the winner, and with higher multipliers, it is distributed as follows:

Multiplier Prizes in BI by places
х10 and x25 80%, 20%
x120 and x240 67%, 25%, 8%
x12,000 42%, 33%, 25%

Spin & Gold: structure

In Spin & Gold, multipliers are tied not only to the prize pool, but also the structure of the tournament itself. This was tested long ago by Unibet (HexaPro), and the PokerStars did the same with Spin&Go Flash.

  х2 х3 х5 х10 х25 х120+
Stack 200 300 500 500 500 500
Timebank NA 10 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds
Blinds 1 minute 2 minutes 2 minutes 3 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes

46,4% of X2 tournaments will be a lottery not only in terms of the prize pool but also the course of the game, because of the small stack and the growth of the blinds at high-speed:

Blinds Level
1 10/20
2 15/30
3 20/40
4 30/60
5 40/80
6 50/100
7 60/120
8 75/150
9 100/200
10 150/300
11 200/400
12 300/600
13 400/800
14 600/1200
15 750/1500

Spin&Gold: rake and rakeback

GGPoker Spin&Gold Challenge

The rake at all stakes is 7%. For lower stakes, this is quite common in all major poker rooms, but for $20 and $50 games, it's higher than average. In this sense, Spin&Gold is identical to Twister, the Jackpot SNG on the iPoker Network. How will GG Poker Network compensate players for paying a relatively high rake?

A completely new rewards program was invented — the Spin & Gold challenge (the network changed the basics of this promotion compared to the first announcement).

You can choose a suitable challenge before starting to play, or when you are already at the spin table:

  • Click on the icon for this promotion (golden pickaxe);
  • Choose how much time you want to devote to the task (from 1 to 8 hours);
  • Choose the size of the bonus (there are only six for each period);
  • Click on "Next" and "Start Challenge."

The progress of the ongoing challenge is shown in the table. At any stake, there are six prize levels to choose:

  1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 5 hours 8 hours Rakeback
Challenge 1 $0.24 $0.52 $0.85 $1.60 $2.80 10-15%
Challenge 2 $0.70 $1.60 $2.65 $5.15 $9.35 15-25%
Challenge 3 $1.87 $4.11 $6.72 $12.60 $22.40 20-30%
Challenge 4 $5.60 $12.00 $19.10 $34.60 $60.00 30-40%
Challenge 5 $18.70 $40.00 $62.00 $110.00 $187.00 40-50%
Challenge 6 $52.50 $110.00 $171.00 $300.00 $500.00 50-60%

Depending on the complexity of the Spin&Gold Challenge task, the rakeback can range from 10% to 60%.

The progress of the selected task is the accumulation of "Gold." The players get Gold according to the places occupied in the spins. The higher the stake, the greater the accumulation of Gold.

Buy-in/Place 1 [Gold] 2 [Gold] 3 [Gold]
$50 600 400 200
$20 240 160 80
$10 120 80 40
$5 60 40 20
$3 36 24 12
$1 12 8 4
$0,25 3 2 1

The amount of Gold required for each challenge, depending on its duration is as follows:

  1 hour [Gold] 2 hours [Gold] 3 hours [Gold] 5 hours [Gold] 8 hours [Gold]
Challenge 1 50 100 150 250 400
Challenge 2 200 400 600 1,000 1,600
Challenge 3 400 800 1,200 2,000 3,200
Challenge 4 800 1,600 2,400 4,000 6,400
Challenge 5 2,000 4,000 6,000 10,000 16,000
Challenge 6 4,500 9,000 13,500 22,500 35,500

The numbers for the bigger bonuses seem exorbitant. For example, to win $500 at the $50 stake in 8 hours, you must win every tournament played and do it every two minutes. Or if you only win every fifth tournament, and in the other four, you occupy 2nd and 3rd place, then during the same hours you need to play almost 389 spins (49 per hour). And as a result of such a marathon, you will only win ten buy-ins of the stake.


For all those who are a little familiar with the GGPoker Network, it's not a secret that their policy is based on the principle of creating the most favorable conditions for poker fans. And Spin & Gold is no exception — games with lots of action, unexpected big prizes, and perform missions.

Time will tell how the regulars will be able to adapt to Spin & Gold. But we can say with confidence that the launch of these tournaments in GGPoker Network will have a positive impact on overall traffic.

In GGPoker Network our players receive:

  • Private promotions and tournament tickets in our Telegram channel;

  • Professional support on all issues seven days a week.

  • Exclusive $500 monthly freeroll.

  • Exclusive GGpoker monthly $6,500 Rake Race.

To get a deal, please contact our manager Alexey:




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