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GGPoker Spin & Gold - all you need to know (2023 update)

Author: Vargoso Published: 18.04.22

Currently, lottery sit and go tournaments are offered at most online poker sites. GGPoker, which launched Spin&Gold SnG’s in February 2020, is no exception. There are 13 stakes available (from $0.25 to $200) with potential prizes of up to $1,000,000. You will learn about all Spin & Gold features from our article.

GGPoker Spin & Gold - all you need to know (2023 update)

What is Spin & Gold at GGPoker

GG poker Spin & Gold is a hyper-turbo SnG format where players can win up to 200,000x buy-ins. It is offered in 3-max (buy-ins range from $0.25 to $200) and 6-max format (buy-ins: $0.25, $1, $3, $10).

About 6-max Spin & Gold, a unique variant, we highlight that the prize pools are higher compared to the regular 3-max format (x200,000 ($2M) in the $10 one vs. x100,000 ($1M)).

The biggest jackpot was hit on June 21, 2021: the $100 buy-in tournament triggered the maximum x20K multiplier; thus, three participants shared a $2M prize pool. The eventual winner, "kapsikorn," took home a huge $1,000,000.

ggpoker spin&gold lobby

Most multipliers are the same for all 3-max GGpoker Spin and Gold limits:





Frequency (of 10М games)
$1, $10 Other limits
2 x2     4,648,827 4,648,815
3 x3     4,432,257 4,432,265
5 x5     853,115 853,115
10 x8 x2   52,000
25 x20 x5   12,000
50 x30 x15 x5 1,200
100 x60 x30 x10 600

But the top multipliers (jackpots) are different:

Buy-in Multiplier 1st Prize 2ndPrize 3rd Prize 4st Prize 5st Prize 6st Prize Frequency (of 10М games)
$200 х5,000 x2,500 x1,500 x1,000       20
$0,25, $3,$5, $20, $50 $100 x20,000 x10,000 x6,000 x4,000       5
$1, $10 x100,000 x50,000 x30,000 x20,000       1
$1, $10 x200,000 x100,000 x40,000 x25,000 x17,500 x10,000 x5,000 1
$0,25, $3 x40,000 x12,000 x8,800 x6,800 x5,200 x4,000 x3,200 5

The GGpoker spins structure depends on the multiplier:

Multiplier (6-max) Multiplier (3-max) Timebank Stack Blinds minutes
х4 х2 10 300 1
х6 х3 10 300 2
х10 х5 30 500 3
х20, x50 х10,x25 30 500 4
x100, x200 x50,x100 30 800 5
jackpot jackpot 30 1,000 8

Blind levels are the same for all tournaments. Here are the first ten (check the GGPoker website to see the complete list, up to level 26):

Levels Blinds
1 10/20
2 15/30
3 20/40
4 30/60
5 40/80
6 50/100
7 60/120
8 75/150
9 90/180
10 100/200

Spin & Gold rake structure

A 7% fee is applied to these tournaments regardless of the stakes and table size.

Compared to other sites, such rake can be called standard.


Spin & Gold players earn rakeback not only through the Fish Buffet rewards program. There are separate daily leaderboards for different stakes ($20,000 in ticket prizes per day) and unlimited Spin&Gold Challenges.

All leaderboards start at 9:00 CET and award a total of $20,000 in tickets per day:

Stakes Daily Prize Up To
$200 $6,600 13
$100 $4,400 19
$50 $3,100 32
$20 $1,960 40
$10 $1,530 60
$5 $1,000 80
$3 $831 120
$1 $484 170
$0.25 $277 250

Leaderboard points (“Gold”) are awarded according to the following table:

Buy-In 1st 2nd 3rd
$200 2400 1600 800
$100 1200 800 400
$50 600 400 200
$20 240 160 80
$10 120 80 40
$5 60 40 20
$3 36 24 12
$1 12 8 4
$0.25 3 2 1

During the last two hours of each Spin & Gold Leaderboard, points are earned faster (x1.5 multiplier applies). Players can check their current leaderboard standings on the GGPoker website.

All prize tickets won via leaderboards expire in 90 days.

Spin&Gold Challenge

To start the challenge, click the "Spin&Gold Challenge" icon in the upper left corner of the lobby and select:

  • Challenge time (1-8 hours);
  • Bonus level.

Then click «Next» - «Start Challenge.» To complete a challenge, you must earn the required «Gold» (see above) before the time runs out.

See the table below to find out the payouts for successfully completed challenges:

  1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 5 Hours 8 Hours
Level 1 $0.54 $1.01 $1.83 $2.02 $2.70
Level 2 $1.96 $3.68 $5.15 $7.51 $9.80
Level 3 $7.09 $12.76 $17.01 $24.42 $31.50
Level 4 $19.25 $34.65 $46.20 $64.97 $77.00
Level 5 $56.88 $102.38 $136.00 $190.54 $227.50
Level 6 $168.00 $308.00 $420.00 $560.00 $700.00

Overall, the Spin & Gold Challenge is an exclusive promotion that gives a slight rakeback boost to heavy grinders.

How does the Spin & Gold insurance work?

gg poker spin and gold insurance

It "insures" the player from getting the lowest x2 multiplier (x4 for 6-max tables) but doubles the buy-in.

Suppose you choose insurance and get an x2 multiplier. In that case, the tournament turns into a freeroll (you get back both the buy-in and the insurance). In the case of any other multiplier, the insurance amount is lost.

Of course, you can play without insurance. Just make the appropriate choice by clicking one of the two buttons at the bottom of the Spin&Gold lobby: "Play Now with insurance" or "Play Now without insurance."

Is it worth the money?

Since the probabilities of hitting x2 and x3 multipliers are very close (46.5% vs. 44.3%), taking insurance is a bad decision in the long run. It is equal to paying double rake for every tournament played.

Spin & Gold strategy

playing spin & gold

Try to get the most out of low multiplier tournaments usually neglected by casual players.

Obviously, most of the tournaments you play will have x2, x3, and x5 multipliers. Do not be distracted by the jackpot dreams and play as focused as possible because such low-value SnGs form the major part of your ROI. Always try to get first place.

Study more about the push-fold stage. Understanding the ranges will help you make correct decisions in different spots. Due to the high level of variance in Spin & Gold, you should have a bankroll of a few hundred buy-ins.

Spin&Go is one of the most studied formats in online poker rooms; hence you won't have any problem finding modern strategies to beat the game.


Let's summarize what we do know about Spin and Go at GGpoker network:

  • Hyper-turbo tournaments with the opportunity to win up to 200K buy-ins.
  • 13 stakes (from $0.25 to $200) in 3-max and 6-max format.
  • The number of paid places depends on the multiplier.
  • There are consolation prizes for 2nd place and lower when big multipliers hit.
  • The higher the multiplier, the larger the starting stack and the slower the blinds grow. 
  • The probability of an x3 multiplier is about 44%.
  • Rake - 7% at all stakes.
  • You can buy insurance to get your buy-in back in case of hitting the lowest multiplier.
  • Additional promotions: Spin&Gold Challenge and Leaderboard.

For all those who are a little familiar with the GGPoker Network, it's not a secret that their policy is based on the principle of creating the most favorable conditions for poker fans. And Spin & Gold is no exception — games with lots of action, unexpected big prizes, and perform missions.


✅ Can I win in Spin & Gold?

These online poker tournaments have a very high variance. Still, you can make a profit in the long run, thanks to additional promos and a weak playing field. Just develop your skills and study your opponents.

✅ What are the chances for the maximum win in Spin&Gold?

The maximum multipliers (jackpots) can be triggered from 1 to 10x times per ten million games on average (once in 2-3 years).

✅ How to start playing Spin and Gold?

  1. Choose the same name tab within the GGPoker network software.
  2. Select the buy-in (the mine icon of the chosen stakes will be highlighted in gold). 
  3. Then choose the number of tournaments you want to play simultaneously (up to 4) and click one of the buttons: "Play Now with insurance" or "Play Now without insurance." 

In GGPoker Network our players receive:

  • Private promotions and tournament tickets in our Telegram channel;

  • Professional support on all issues seven days a week.

To get a deal, please contact our manager:



Email[email protected]


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