Tom Dwan Plays Crazy Hand with 7-2 in Triton Cash Game


Despite his best efforts, Durrrr’s bluff with the famous rags kept getting called by 8-high…

dwan bluff

Tom Dwan Fails Miserably in 7-2 Game in Super High Stakes NLHE Cash Game

Online poker legend Tom “durrrr” Dawn recently appeared in a €1,000/€2,000/€4,000 live streamed No Limit Hold’em cash game at the Madrid stop of the Triton High Roller Series. Stakes this high would put most players on edge, however, Dawn has quite the experience playing on those levels.

Also, the 7-2 game was on. Anyone who managed to win a hand with the worst starting hand in Hold’em got a €10,000 bounty from all the other players at the table. So, a bluff with that specific hand suddenly grew a lot in EV. And, wouldn’t you know it, Dawn got dealt the 7-2 off-suit. So, he raised it up to €12,000 pre-flop. Rui Cao, another frequent feature in Triton’s super high stakes cash games, 3-bet to €36,000 with 8-7 off-suit. Dawn called, looking to take down the pot on later streets and collect those bounties.

However, that ambition turned out to be a lot harder to realize than he thought. The flop came A5Q, only giving weak backdoor straight draws to both players. Dwan put in a hefty check-raise after Cao c-bet, which should have got the job down, but it somehow didn’t. Cao called!

The turn Ace paired the board. Both players’ slim hopes for a straight were gone now. Tom Dwan took another stab at it with about a half pot bet, but yet again - Cao thought his 8-high was good enough to merit a call.

Durrr gave up on the King river, which no-one can fault him for. Cao jammed with his 8-high, leaving Dwan with no other option than to fold. Of course, the giddy victor showed his hand, drawing a huge reaction from everyone at the table. He even proclaimed that had Dwan gone all-in on the river first, he still would have called…

Watch Tom Dwan’s Failed 7-2 Bluff Here

The Triton YouTube channel uploaded the spectacular hand last week. So far, it has received a moderate 130,000 views and 2,200 likes. You can watch the action unfold in its entirety below.

The Triton Poker Madrid 2022 series recently concluded in the Spanish capital. Also in Spain last month, Italian poker pro Giuliano Bendinelli won the EPT Barcelona Main Event for €1.5 million after being down to just 1 big blind in the tournament.

The Triton High Roller Series’ next stop is at the Merit Royal Diamond Hotel in Kyrenia, Cyprus. It’s taking place between September 5 and September 19, 2022.

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