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$14,000 weekly MTT Leaderboards at WPT Global


WPT Global continues to renew its promotions portfolio. This time they added three new major tournaments on Sundays, weekly leaderboards, and a spectacular jackpot of $100,000.

$14,000 weekly MTT Leaderboards at WPT Global

MTT Leaderboards at WPT Global

The popularity of multi-table tournaments (MTTs) and their competitive factor has been used over the years to boost new poker brands and improve traffic. WPT Global is no exception, and it has decided to launch several promotions focused on tournament players:

The top 105 tournament players will share $14,290 on two weekly leaderboards. Prizes include tournament tickets and cash.

The two tables are divided by buy-ins:

MTT main leaderboard: tournaments up to $27

PositionPrizeTotal Prize Value
13xUSD 110 Ticket + USD 330 Ticket + USD 1000USD 1,660
23xUSD 110 Ticket + USD 330 Ticket + USD 600USD 1,260
32xUSD 110 Ticket + USD 330 Ticket + USD 500USD 1,050
4USD 110 Ticket  + USD 330 Ticket + USD 400USD 840
5USD 110 Ticket  + USD 330 Ticket + USD 300USD 740
6USD 110 Ticket + USD 300USD 410
7USD 110 Ticket + USD 250USD 360
8USD 110 Ticket + USD 200USD 310
9USD 110 Ticket + USD 150USD 260
10USD 110 Ticket + USD 100USD 210
11-20USD 110 Ticket + USD 50USD 1,600
21-30USD 110 Ticket USD 1,100
31-100USD 11 TicketUSD 770
TOTAL USD 10,570

MTT High Roller Leaderboard: tournaments over $27

PositionPrizeTotal Prize Value
13xUSD 330 Ticket + USD 500USD 1,490
22xUSD 330 Ticket + USD 250USD 910
32xUSD 330 TicketUSD 660
4USD 330 Ticket USD 330
5USD 330 Ticket USD 330

The qualifying period starts at 00:00 on Monday and until 23:59 on Sunday in UTC-5. Points are calculated using the following formula:

 √(Buy-in x Participants/Position) x Bonus Top 6*

*Top 6 Bonus: 


To encourage deposits to participate in the tournaments, entries to different events will be credited as well:

  • Deposit of $20 or more: Entry to the $11 Mini Slam for each deposit
  • Deposit of $300 or more: Entry to the $110 Sunday Slam
  • Deposit of $1,200 or more: Three tickets to the $110 Sunday Slam

Triple Crown: $100,000 jackpot

WPT Global added Three Major Tournaments to its Sunday schedule, which guarantee almost $80,000 every week:

  • $110 Sunday Slam, $50,000 GTD
  • $330 Grand Slam, $20,000 GTD
  • $11 Mini Slam, $8,888 GTD

The players who win the Triple Crown will take home an incredible $100,000 jackpot, a prize higher than the combined guarantee of the three tournaments.

WPT Global seeks to encourage traffic at the tournament tables by rewarding many players with tickets to more MTTs and attracting the attention of skilled players looking to win the three main tournaments to take home an EV+ prize.

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