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PokerCruncher — an advanced poker odds calculator working across all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) also on Android

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PokerCruncher is a advanced macOS, iOS, and Android hand ranges poker odds calculator.

PokerCruncher main features:

  • Game situation analysis with specific hand-ranges; specific hand or hand-range vs. hand-range
  • Board texture analysis in all streets considering hand ranges
  • Support many statistics
  • Create Heat Maps with combined statistics
  • Dark mode for macOS Mojave
  • Save/Load And Export/Import Scenarios (Hands) And Hand Ranges
  • Range Manager tool (only for Mac-Expert version) to work with ranges and subranges.

Each PokerCruncher version (Mac, iPhone) has a different cost and you can buy a bundle for all the supported devices with a discount:

  • PokerCruncher — Advanced — iPhone $ 12.99
  • PokerCruncher — Advanced — iPad $ 17.99
  • PokerCruncher — Advanced — Android $ 12.99
  • PokerCruncher — Expert — Mac $ 49.99
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