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Battle Royale at GGPoker: What is it?

Author: Vargoso Published: 10.06.21

GGPoker introduced a hybrid type of SnG tournaments on June 10, 2021 —Battle Royale. This new game combines even more poker formats than Flip&Go — fast-fold poker, shootout, PKO, flip, and each tournament consists of 3 fundamentally different stages. How to play this "Frankenstein"? We will analyze in this article

Battle Royale at GGPoker: What is it?


Besides Spin&Gold spins, there were no other SnG games at GGPoker, until now. On June 10, 2021, a new tab named Battle Royale was added to the client. It is here that players of the room can get access to the tournaments of the same name.

The Battle Royale lobby looks like this:

GGPoker Battle Royale Lobby

  • Stakes: $0.25, $1, 3, $10
  • Panels with a list of upcoming and available tournaments

Features of the new tournaments

According to GGNetwork (GGPoker, Natural8), Battle Royale became even more "twisted" format than Flip & Go. The developers tried to reunite the maximum possible number of existing developments in this area and make a unique product.

Battle Royale is a 100-max SnG tournament with progressive knockouts, consisting of three completely different stages.

The prizes are awarded to the TOP10 players, and the non-knockout fraction is distributed among them as follows:

Place Distribution
1 21.13%
2 21.12%
3 14.47%
4 11.37%
5 8.95%
6 7.03%
7 5.52%
8 4.34%
9 3.40%
10 2.67%

It is noticeable that in heads-up, players, in fact, will only fight for the bounty accumulated by their opponents. The rake is 5% (at the smallest stake — 4%). The blind structure has two variations, but in both cases, it's very fast.

How to play Battle Royale

As mentioned above, each such tournament consists of three stages:

Stage Players Table Size Duration After the time has elapsed
Rush Zone 100 6 15 minutes All players below TOP50 are eliminated
Shootout Zone 50 5 15 minutes The game goes into the all-in stage
Final table 10 10 About 30 minutes  

Each of them has a few more features:

  1. Rush Zone — played in fast-fold poker format. The bounty of players who are kicked out of the tournament after 15 minutes of play is added to the total prize pool of the tournament. In the case of equal stacks, the position of the players in the chip count is determined by the level of aggressiveness of the game: the more knockouts and hands played, the higher the rating. The starting stack is 1.000 chips (25 BB). The blinds grow every 3 minutes.
  2. Shootout Zone — goes for 10 tables until there is only one player left at each of them. Stacks and blinds start again.
  3. Final Table — the priority in choosing a place behind it it's given to the player who secured a spot in the TOP10. The blinds increase every three hands. Each player has only a 5-minute time bank for the entire definition.

$15,000 Weekly Leaderboards

Unlike other new products from GGNetwork, Battle Royale got its own race from the moment of launch.

The prize pool is distributed according to each stake:

Stake Prizes Seats
$10.00 $8,270.00 50
$3.00 $3,945.00 100
$1.00 $2,160.00 100
$0.25 $672.00 200

Points are awarded straightforwardly: 1 played tournament — 1 point towards the rating. Happy hours take place from 08:00 to 10:00 CET time, giving 1.5x as many points.

Pros and cons of the new format

Battle Royale has a beautiful lobby and brightly crafted tables. The format is based on the mega-successful Battle Royale concept from first-person shooters, and Dan Bilzerian, like no other ambassador, is suitable for advertising the game.

These SNGs are launched for casual players who are already tired of all the poker games available in the client (let's recall, the portfolio is already extensive).

Regulars will roll them too, just for the sake of fun, since such tournaments will have high variance and will be complex to adapt to all stages and hundreds of players, even taking into account the additional equity from the race.

On the other hand, the launch of formats like Battle Royale positively affects the overall traffic: it attracts and retains many players at the tables, giving amateurs unique experiences not available on any other poker site.

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