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Bet & Go: New Exciting Tournaments at GGPoker

Author: Vargoso Published: 18.11.22

Poker rooms have tried combining poker games with betting and casino games in many ways. The latest attempt is the Bet&Go tournaments at GGPoker, launched before the start of the World Cup. Those will be added to the schedule before the start of major events.

Bet & Go: New Exciting Tournaments at GGPoker

Features of the new format

Everyone knows that the world of gambling is not limited to poker. Bets, especially in sports matches (football, for example), have millions of fans worldwide. Hence, it's only natural that the top poker rooms always try to attract them to their tables.

Before the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, GGPoker launched a new format called Bet&Go, combining classic MTT and bets on the winners of sporting events.

You can find them in the lobby by name: team flags have been added to the tournament plate.

How to play GGpoker Bet & Go?

Tournament registration Bet&Go

  1. Before the match: You can get into the tournaments by making a buy-in for one of the teams. Each entry always has a discount, depending on the odds the bookmakers give for the victory of each participant in the match. The higher the probability of winning one of them, the lower the discount on the buy-in, and vice versa. Registration cannot be canceled.

    Registration Bet & Go
  2. During the match: The tournament will start at the same time. The discounts in buy-in change in real-time along with the odds, considering the results of the match.
  3. After the match: all players who choose the losing team are automatically eliminated from the tournament. Sometimes re-entries are available for a full buy-in. Then, the tournament starts according to a standard structure.

The schedule of such tournaments will coincide with the games of the World Cup.

Who will play it?

Bet&Go are tournaments with a high variance; not even rooting for the favorite team (with a small fee discount) guarantees to qualify for the next stage. And if you register in an MTT closer to the end of a football game (when the results are more evident), it will be difficult to survive due to a shortened stack.

However, football fans can combine poker with cheering for their team and make their games more enjoyable during the World Cup.

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