Chris Moneymaker left PokerStars Team Pro


The world online poker legend, the author of its first boom — American Chris Moneymaker, announced the end of his cooperation with PokerStars. The player in his social networks said that after 17 years of work for this room, he will not sign a new contract. Today we will talk about all the reasons and consequences of this step.


PokerStars lost Moneymaker

Recently, the most famous Russian-speaking streamer, Mikhail “innerpsy” Shalamov, left the PokerStars team, and yesterday another of its members took a similar step:

The 2003 ME WSOP winner, American Chris Moneymaker, won't renew his contract after 17 years of cooperation with the PokerStars team, .

On this occasion, Chris specially recorded a small video, which he posted on his Twitter:

Chris Moneymaker part ways with PokerStars

The PokerStars player isn’t going to continue cooperating with the room starting January 2021.

Why is Moneymaker leaving PokerStars?

Having spent almost a year without poker travel with his family due to the pandemic, he had a lot of time to think about his life and decided to try himself in some new field.

True, which one? The poker player doesn’t say. And to a direct question about what he would make money on, he joked that he would start a modeling career.

At the age of 45, Chris decided to settle down and not commit himself anymore to any obligations. Besides, the player got many words of support and help offers on social networks from such famous people as Bertrand Grospellier, Rob Yong, Maria Ho, and Joey Ingram.

Regarding his, now — a former, place of work, the poker player said that "it was a phenomenal experience of communicating with an excellent company, I will miss you guys, and thanks for everything."

What's happening at PokerStars?

Although Moneymaker's decision, in his own words, was entirely a personal initiative, and the question of whether he will continue any activity in the poker industry remains open, it is fascinating what happened to Stars' plans regarding Team PRO and marketing policy.

The team of the room has dropped too much in recent years, and we think that if its management wanted to keep the players, it could find the necessary support for this. At least concerning such stars as Daniel Negreanu and Chris Moneymaker.

At the end of 2020, PokerStars signed a contract with the e-sports team Furia Sports and even returned footballer Neymar to their team. The activity of the room changed to attracting famous personalities from other areas of the gaming industry.

Classic Team Pro isn’t needed by Stars, and soon there may be only a few streamers in the company of various media people who are far from poker.

Thank you, Chris!

Chris Moneymaker in 2003

If we return to Moneymaker, then such an iconic figure cannot just leave one room and, for example, start dealing with his family and small live episodes in the USA. While Chris has played very little in current years and hasn't made many headlines in the media, his importance to online poker will never change.

Even in today's reality, Chris Moneymaker can continue to be a vibrant image that attracts new fans to the online poker industry simply because, as a regular accountant, he was able to win the Main Event of the World Series after he entered it via an online satellite for $39 and that ultimately led to a massive increase in the popularity of games on the Internet. Such stories shouldn’t be broken up.

No matter how an American decides to change his future life, we express our deep gratitude to him for his work in poker development and wish him long and abundant years in any field!

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