The new season of The Big Game aired on May 10, 2024


After 12 years, a new episode of The Big Game from PokerStars has been released on YouTube. 

Pokerstars the Big Game on Tour

The show is back!

On May 10, 2024, viewers of the Fox Sports 1 channel and the next day – all YouTube users- could see the continuation of The Big Game.

All show episodes were filmed during the revived NAPT series in Las Vegas at the end of last year. 
The game's structure remained unchanged from 2010 to 2011, when the show's first two seasons were released.

Loose Cannon (amateurs) trying to spin off $50,000 during 150 hands in the company of more experienced players with bets $100/$200.

In the first episode, the following players took part:

  1. Phil Hellmuth, 17-times WSOP champion.
  2. Lex Veldhuis, streamer and PokerStars ambassador. He played with Hellmut in the first seasons of The Big Game.
  3. Jennifer Tilly, an actress, is known to poker players from the High Stakes Poker show and as Phil Laak's wife.
  4. Arden Cho is an actress who recently took 2nd place in the PGT Championship freeroll.
  5. Alan Keating, the mysterious poker streamer from Hustler Casino.
  6. Nikki Limo (loose cannon), actress. 

Phil Laak, Sam Grafton, Maria Ho, and Lily Newhouse (the second loose cannon) were seen in the trailer of the show.

How was the first episode?

The Loose Cannon Big Game On Tour E1

The main intrigue of the show is whether loose cannon can achieve something at the table. Nikki Limo has increased her stack by more than 50%. However, the actress received all this money in one hand against Keating, hitting a straight in the river with QTs and winning a $61,400 pot.

Alan also helped Lex Veldhuis become the most successful player in the first episode. On a turn, the PS ambassador got a king-high flush, which beat a 10-flush and a trip of threes from his opponents.

Results of the players in the first episode:

Lex Veldhuis
Profit $118,900
Jennifer Tilly
Profit $66,900
Nikki Limo
Profit $27,200
Phil Hellmuth
Loss $4,300
Arden Cho
Loss $50,000
Alan Keating
Loss $158,700

Unfortunately, Phil Hellmuth was almost invisible in the game this time. But interesting hands with him can be viewed in a six-hour cut: Big Game TOP-100 hands, which PokerStars posted on YouTube.

The assembly included, among other things, the legendary hand from session 1 in which the Loose Cannon Ernest Wiggins beat Hellmuth in 3 out of 4 boards in an almost $200,000 pot.

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