Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth to play another historic challenge


Although it has not been officially confirmed that these two iconic players — Daniel' Kid Poker' Negreanu and Phil' Poker Brat' Hellmuth — will clash in a heads-up challenge, they leave it clear that they want to jump to the tables, which would become one of the most exciting HU challenges in recent history.


Negreanu wants another western-style poker chapter

Despite his recent loss of over $1,000,000 to Doug Polk, the Canadian Daniel Negreanu, current ambassador of GGPoker, seems not to lose self-confidence in his ability to beat his colleagues in heads-up challenges.

In which could be called a rematch to overcome the harmful results of his recent challenge against Polk, Kid Poker answered to some comments made by Hellmuth about the perception he had about his game and openly challenged him to play, in a match where Phil could set any condition he like (online, live, stake, etc.)

Daniel Negreanu challenges Phil Hellmuth

In the PokerGO program "No Gamble No Future", Hellmuth said that he was disappointed about Negreanu's game.

"I was disappointed in the way that Daniel played, but I know his coaches, his coaches are brilliant, so he has brilliant coaches and so everything I have talked with his coaches, I love the way they thought about no limit. I think that their HU theories about you know 3-betting every time you have jack three of clubs and jack five of clubs and a lot of these hands, you know that's like a lot of money to get in some weird spots, so I was betting on Daniel's talent, Doug was playing pure GTO or next level GTO, then to me, Doug has a lot of fire, I thought Daniel should have fought fire with Daniel."

This time Hellmuth has something to show off

Phil Hellmuth about Negreanu's challenge

Without rejecting the challenge, Phils said that he is not afraid of anybody. The 15 times WSOP champion recalled his poker history, saying that he won the latest heads-up tournament he played, and according to him, he won the latest 30 of 29 matches he played in this format.

No one studies me, instead they’re studying GTO, thank God.

Anyway, Phil does have a background in HU challenges. He defeated Antonio Esfandiari three times when they played on "High Stakes Duel". Hellmuth won the NBC National Heads Up Championship in 2005 and got subtitle in the same event in 2013. Phil also defeated Doug Polk and Dan Cates in Poker Night in America.

With the tremendous interest that a challenge like this may awake, it's clear that it's only a matter of setting up the conditions to play. Success is guaranteed.

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